Friday, August 31, 2007

Toe Cute

So I got an Aggie Pedicure the other day. How appropriate, Aggie toes in the sand! Get it...Texas Aggies in Florida? heehee. My Aggie toes are a tradition for me. I do this every year during football season. Pretty cute huh? I guess you can say I'm "Aggie from my head to my toes!"


Txagmel :-) said...

Love it!! Super cute!

Becky K said...

Love the toes chica.....I guess the only thing you need now are the Aggies running on the field!! You ready for Saturday? I think your countdown calendar should be finished now......I think I can already hear the WHOOP! coming from FL. TOO CUTE GIRL!!!

tales_from_the_crib said...

super cool! and so much easier to demonstrate than the whole bleeding maroon thing.

Lisa said...

LOVE the toes!

The Phams said...

Too cute - maybe I'll have to honor the NCAA 2007 National Football Champs in the same way. That would be our beloved Gators in case you forgot.

Any chance they'll beat, I mean, play the Aggies this year.

Just havin' a littl fun with ya, girl. Love ya and have a good trip.

It does feel good to claim National Champs though!