Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Funny Conversation with Lexi

My sweet Lexi Lou has been sick the last few days with a tummy bug. So she's done something VERY unLexi like...she's been sitting still on the couch in an almost comatose state watching TV non-stop. On a regular day, I couldn't get her to sit still and watch TV for 10 minutes. You say, "How wonderful" but no, sometimes I long for my children to sit still and watch TV just long enough for me to like, oh I don't know, GO TO THE BATHROOM in privacy. Anyways, here's a conversation we had yesterday while she was watching Sesame Street. Picture her curled up in the chair with a pillow and a blanket, expressionless, and sitting totally still, staring at the TV.

Lexi: Hmmm, so some guys have hair.

2 minutes of silence

Lexi: My daddy doesn't have hair, but some guys do. Mommy, did you know some guys have hair?

Mommy: Yes, baby. Isn't that silly?

Lexi: hmmm. That daddy...he's a cute guy.

Mommy: Yes he is. Even without hair!

KIDS! Isn't that funny? I guess it's never occured to her that all men AREN'T bald. (Although the sexier ones are in my opinion!)

And today, I will reach my 1000th hit on this site! I can't thank you enough for visiting my crazy world every day. Some of you are very faithful, I can tell from the emails I get. Thank you for caring enough to read about the Texas Aggies' adventures in this foreign land they call Florida. I love to write and blogging is definitely my creative release of all those wacky things floating around in my head.


Kids and K9s said...

too cute... my hubby has not hair, too.. I love what the kiddos have to say about it... cute story... ~ Kim

Kids and K9s said...

sorry about the bad English... I guess I've been up too long... (o: