Thursday, August 23, 2007

In Bloggity World

I'm skinny and can wear a bikini...heeheee...check me out in that pick above! Love it!


Becky K said...

Love the bikini....this would be the only way I could wear one of those! Oh but to dream right? About the comment you made on my blog regarding my sister's college - she isn't going to UT. No worries there! Just had to smile once you made the comment about Austin. What exciting things do you have planned for this weekend??

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Not so work and maybe a quick trip to St Pete Beach. My husband is a children's pastor so most weekends are spent getting ready for Kidz Church on Sundays. Believe it or not, it's a like a stage production so it's an all weekend affair getting prepared. It seems like our weekends BEGIN on Sunday at about noon thirty.