Thursday, August 30, 2007

Packing & Such...

So today I've been feverishly doing laundry and all those other chores that HAVE to be done because they won't get done while I'm gone, I assure you. Someone asked me at church last night, "What's Cary going to do with 2 weeks of free time?" Oh, I bet he'll watch plenty of History and Discovery Channel, you know those shows I HATE and always make him turn the channel. The History Channel is morbid y'all. I know it's all true, but I guess real life is kind of groady sometimes. I have a ton of cute pictures I've taken the last few days and I can't get them on my blog. Long story. Mama has ISSUES. What's new. Camera card needs help. Camera card full. Walmart photo booth not working. Walmart Cheapest. Mama has 200 pictures on camera. Mama take pics on camera hard drive. Hard drive too slow to download to computer. When camera card fixed, mama transfer pics from hard drive to card. THEN...the pics will be on my blog. That's the short version. Got it? I took a cute one today of Ashton. Cary had gotten out the girls' suitcases and they put them in Lexi's room to play with. I walked by her room and Ashton had crawled in and Lexi was zipping her up in the suitcase. Like she was saying, "Okay, I'm ready to go to Granny's house!" And then Daddy told us the story of when his dad was a baby and road from North Carolina to Washington State in a suitcase on a train because his mom couldn't afford to buy him a ticket. And that gave me an idea. I'm kidding!

Okay I'm rambling. I have MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR potty issues today. I think it's anxiety related. And don't laugh. I think it's football tummy y'all. I do! I get it every year during this season every week before the Aggies play. I get so nervous. My heart is beating faster and faster just thinking about it. Football may just be hazardous to my health. 2 more days!!!!!! Lots of packing to do. At least my toenails are ready for the Aggies. Yes, I said toenails. And I don't just mean a pedicure. I mean an AGGIE pedicure of course. Maroon toes with ATM on them in white. It's my football season tradition. I do it every year. And YES, you WILL see pictures of that. I promise. Cause I know you won't be able to sleep till you see my toes.

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Rachel said...

Can't wait to see those toes. Hopefully in person!! :)