Monday, August 13, 2007

TICKLE me brilliant

Check it out ya'll. I've been telling Cary all these years that I am always right because I do happen to know, oh, just about EVERYTHING and apparently it really IS so! I took an IQ test today and it appears as though Cary's worst nightmare REALLY has come true...I'M A GENIUS! (Is that how you spell genius, by the way? I'm too lazy to use spell check!) Okay so it was an online test, which I question the validity of, but go ahead and try to beat me, I dare ya! I scored a 142 BABY! And I also have "very quick problem solving skills" it said...DUH! I also took a religion test. Apparently I should be "Christian". UH...glad that worked out since I'm married to a PASTOR! There are lots of interesting tests you can take on Cary said he's going to take the IQ test too to prove he's smarter than me. Yeah, okay. Put on your pajamas BABY cause you're dreamin! So he took the test while I grew gray hair and turned 50 then he FINALLY finished. But he couldn't get his score to show on the screen, to which I suggested in my very kind and southern way..."Honey, if you can't figure out how to get your score then it's probably not a score you want to see!" Oh, I do love you honey bun!!!!


The Phams said...

Okay, smarty pants....the challenge is on. John and I are sitting down right now to outwit you and we're not in our pajamas cause it's not a dream! Let you know how goes, genius.

John and Jess Pham

The Phams said...

Okay, Okay....your are girl genius. I'm OBVIOUSLY the idiot in the group. John scored 135 and I am 122. We are not geniuses, but considered superior intelligence. The average pop is about 112-115. So, us smart people have to stick together...well I should say you smart people! :)

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

If it makes you feel any's an ONLINE test, so not to be taken too seriously. And I did mine in 10 minutes and made educated guesses on most of them. I didn't try to figure them out too carefully. So my score was probably mostly a joke!