Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dreaded Words

Today, it happened. THOSE DREADED WORDS that a mom never wants to hear from her daughter. No, not "I'm running away to Granny's" (she already says that) or "You're stupid, I hate you". Although I'm sure the latter will come out at some point in the teen years, unfortunately. The words I heard today made me cringe, but I knew they were coming from the time the doctor announced, "It's a girl!" The words you ask..."Mommy, I can fix my hair all by myself, I don't need your help!" This was not a happy event for me. And the result...well see for yourselves...

Okay so it's not THAT bad, but nothing matches, oh well! A Christmas clippy, a fruity headband and a flower ponytail holder, none of which match her outfit. Do you see why I'm in torment? Is this God's way of dealing with my obsessive compulsive perfectionism? At least she's still really really cute (and she DID let me sleep in this morning)!

1 comment:

mom2iande said...

actually, i think the hair do is pretty good for her age. maybe she has a future in doing up-do's. haha!