Wednesday, August 29, 2007


See how many times you can spot the word "back" in this post. Last night, Cary planned a date for us with the theme of "back". Well, not intentionally with a theme, but we got to thinkin' about it half way through the night and decided there was a theme to all we had done. He called me yesterday afternoon to tell me to be ready at 6 and to have the girls ready. He had arranged child care and we were going on a DATE! HURRAY! I could hardly wait. So first we went to OutBACK to eat dinner, not because it's like our favorite or anything, but because we had a coupon for a free entree and well, there's just not much else to choose from in this town. You know you're old married farts when you use a coupon on your date. And at dinner we talked about how the Aggies are going to take their opponents BACK behind the woodshed for an old fashion beatin' all year long! WHOOP! Then we went out BACK to the BACK 40, out in the woods, to a park near a big lake and sat in the BACK seat of the car to watch the sunset and watch a movie on the DVD player. He picked a chicky movie with animals because I'm kind of an animal freak like that. But it was a horrible movie, unless you're in the mood for a good cry, which I wasn't..."The Year of The Dog"...don't do it! I'm still recovering! So that kind of BACK fired on him, you know, his plan and all, to get me to make out or something, because I couldn't stop crying over this movie. But nonetheless, still a romantic thought. He had cheesecake in the BACK of the car iced down, popcorn, and my favorite chocolates too. When we got home, I got a BACK massage and then "baby got BACK" if you know what I use a term from the 90's. And if you're older than 40, you might not know what that means, but I'm sure you can figure it out. And so there you have sweet date! I highly recommend the movie in the BACK of the car thing...very fun! Also a sign of being an old married fart cause only people our age with kids have DVD players in the BACK of their car!

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mom2iande said...

That is funny. are a quick thinker aren't you?