Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not Tonight

Well, it doesn't look like it's going to happen tonight. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, read the post below this one. I was sure this would be the night, but I guess Lindsey at Splat Designs HAS A LIFE, unlike me who has been sitting by my computer hitting the "check mail" button every 30 seconds for the last 3 hours waiting "patiently" for my new blog template. I had reason to believe this would be the night, but my friends, I can't keep my eyes open for one more second. I've been sick the last 2 days and I actually got to take a "sick day" today from "my job". Cary felt really sorry for me because I had so much that had to get done today in addition to taking care of two toddlers. So he took half a day off work and gave me some needed time to rest and get well. I'm feeling better, but I think it's only the beginning unfortunately. Low grade fever, sore throat, starting to get stopped up, swollen glands, and my ears are starting to hurt already. But on my "sick day" I still managed to get the house clean, go to the dentist for a filling, make flyers for my MOPS group and Cary's work, take the dog for 2 walks, hang up a load of colored clothes on hangers, shower and get dressed, change the sheets, bathe my children, get Lexi to school, make 2 meals and clean up the mess, and put everyone to bed. So you see, there really is no such thing as a "sick day" for moms. And this was a "light" day in comparison to most regular days. Very light. Seriously. So even though it's only 10ish, I'm pooped! Must get rest because unfortunately my day tomorrow is quite full and there is no time to be sick. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a bloggity makeover! We'll see!


mom2iande said...

Yes! I came looking for it and I saw the Aggie picture of the girls (which is just as cute, don't get me wrong). Not here...bummer!

This post reminded me of the email of your typical day that you emailed one time. I think you were still in Texas. We should relive that again...maybe even do a "tag" on that one.

Becky K said...

Sorry to hear that you are so sick. That is awful! I hope you feel better tomorrow. Girl I think you got more done today when you are sick than I have all week! WOW! Maybe the new blog setup today will make you feel better.....;)