Monday, August 6, 2007

Taking a Vacation

I'm leaving early early Monday morning to go on short vacation, but don't panic all you "Texas Aggies In Florida" addicts. Uh, huh! I know who you are! In case you're wondering, "What on Earth will I do for 2 days without a Texas Aggie in Florida post?" Well, I gotcha covered! I've make SIX, yes, count them, SIX posts this weekend. I think that's a record! So don't read them all at once. Make them last! I'll be home late Tuesday night and will hopefully post some pics of our trip on Wednesday. We're going to Amelia Island, FL with Cary's family. FUN TIMES! I'll be thinking of all of you hard at work under the fluorescent lights of your office as I'm lounging on the beach soakin' up some rays (in my Chanel sunglasses...READ ON for more info on that!)


mom2iande said...

Have a great time and I will look for pictures when you get back.

David Campbell said...

When you come back, TAG you're it!! See my blog for details!