Friday, August 3, 2007

Cary's Sick, Mommy's Frazzled, Lexi & Ashton...Well Thank God They're Cute!

Daddy has been out of commission the last 2 days with an upper respiratory infection and you know what that means. He's DYIN! Cuz that's what men think when they get sick. And the doctor didn't help any. He said Cary definitely needed "3 days of BEDREST". Really? Bedrest? Why have I never been told I need bedrest? I remember BEGGING for bedrest when I was 9 months pregnant and I got NOTHIN'! When we moms get sick we still have to carry on business as usual cuz it's not like we can "call in sick" or take a "vacation day" you know? The house don't clean itself honey! Heck when I'm sick I have to even lug the kids to the doctor WITH me and all you moms out there know what a picnic that is! But when the men get sick they get a day off work, they lounge on the couch all day, and worst of all leave a trail of mess all over the house "because they're too weak to clean up after themselves." GAG ME WITH A SPOON! No, really, gag me with a spoon cuz I can't take it any more! I tried to pack my bags and run away tonight but I didn't have any clean underwear. I've been too busy taking care of my "biggest kid" to do the laundry! Calgon, take me away (preferably to a tropical island far far away where children and husbands aren't allowed but where I can still watch AGGIE SPORTS!)


mom2iande said...

Oh Geeze! I dread "Man Sickness" around our house. Give him some of Lexi's breathing treatments with his antibiotics and he should be up doing yardwork and helping in the house real soon! He is going to hate me now!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I have a cold right now and am praying David doesn't get seems it's 10 times worse when he gets it.