Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog Book

My friend Kristi (Ian & Elise's mom...their blog is on my friends who blog link) posted this idea on her scrapblog. And when I find some good info, I HAVE to pass it along. For those of you thinking about blogging, maybe this will inspire you. There is now a way for you to turn your blog into a published BOOK so that for years to come, you will have all of these memories for your friends and family to see on paper. YIPPEE! Isn't that the best news you've heard all day? Here's the site to check out for yourselves:

I'm thinking I will have mine published maybe once a year so I'll have a 2007 book, a 2008 book, and so on. It's like the modern day version of a family diary. You can have all those funny family stories and photos all in one book, sort of an alternative to scrapbooking (for those of you like me that just CAN'T keep up with that stuff to save your lives!) How fun to think that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will have something like this to read one day! So BLOG ON!


mom2iande said...

That is so funny that you wrote that. Just last night, we were talking about maybe once a year printing ours out and making it a book like that site will do. We thought that would be a great gift even for the grandparents.

You are right - a modern day version of a diary!

mom2iande said...

I went to my blog and made a link on the side to access the blog book site quick!