Thursday, August 9, 2007

Because I'm Sure You Care...

I know, I know you're all dying to hear about my "vacation", my one night getaway, I guess I should call it. Vacation...Ahhhhh...where do I begin? 5 children under the age of 5 in a 2 bedroom condo. And you know 5 children, that's okay and all, but 5 children ON VACATION, that's another story! Cause if you're a mom, you know what I mean when I say EL VACATION=LOCO! What is it about kids and vacations that just don''s just not very vacationy (is that a word?) They should call it something else besides vacation like "Carryin' Crap". For a 2 day/1 night trip our car was LOADED...we looked like a bunch of gypsies headed to a flea market! Cary was like, "Why do we need all these extra shoes if we're just goin' to the beach?"
"Just in case."
"In case of what?"
"I dunno! JUST IN CASE, I SAID!!!!!!!!!"
And then when you get home from vacation, don't you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? I spent 3 days cleaning house and doing laundry to get ready for my TWO DAY vacation and I promise it will take me 3 more days to unpack, finish the laundry, and then get the house back in order. Is it really worth it, I ask you? I mean it was great to see Cary's family. They are precious people and I know his mom had to be chompin' at the bit to see the girls. She only gets to see them 3-4 times a year. So for that, it was worth all the effort. For that and to hear Cary and his dad tell jokes back and forth for 20 minutes on the back of the golf I'm not kidding. The apple didn't fall far from the tree, my friends!

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