Monday, August 27, 2007

Blissful Euphoria

No, this is not a post about my Aggies, although I will be in blissful euphoria in, oh, about 5 days. I am a happy woman today. My children are at school, my house is CLEAN, you could EAT off my bleachy floors they're so immaculate, my laundry is 2/3 done, my bills are paid, and something yummy to eat is on its way home right this second. Cary went to pick up the girls from school and grab us some lunch. I can't cook today. It's a rule in this house. On the day of a deep cleaning where floors get mopped, WE DO NOT EAT AT HOME! It was one of those bizarre things that Cary discovered after 5 years of marriage that makes me happy...keeping the floors clean for at least 24 hours. Hmmmm...come to think of it...maybe I should mop more often, thus eat out more frequently? No, just kidding. Wishful thinking though. There are few things in life that make me feel this good: A full tummy, knowing I am right with God, anything AGGIE, a clean house, money in the bank, shopping with mom's money, and getting love from any member of my family including the pets. And I think just about all of those things have been covered today, so for now, life is good folks. If only the yard would get mowed and my car get cleaned.

Oh well. I can dream! Hope your day is as blissfully euphoric as mine!


Anonymous said...

Howdy fellow Ag! I saw your link on TexAgs and have been reading you faithfully ever since! You crack me up! We were stationed in FL with the Air Force a few years back so I know what you mean about how different it is than the Lone Star State!! I am SO jealous you get to go back to TX and see some Aggie games!! I wish! Have fun! Gig 'em! :-)
Melissa '98

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Send me your blog site address if you have one so I can return the visit. Thanks for stopping by. Gig'em and BHTOMS! WHOOP!