Friday, August 24, 2007

I miss you...

I'm stealing this from my friend, Jess, Gator Missionary (her blog is on my links...miss you Jess. Our town is not the same without you!). To my friends and family back home...

Mom & Nanny, I can't wait to come to your clean house where I am nurtured and spoiled with shopping sprees, restaurant food, homecooked meals, and every flavor of Blue Bell ice cream known to man in the sub zeros. I miss you!

Audra, I think of you every time I go to Chick fil a or eat pizza. We could hang for HOURS upon end every single day and somehow not get sick of each other. I pray that our SISTAHOOD will live on forever and one day, although it may be in Heaven, we WILL have houses next door to each other like we planned to do, with one giant yard and a pool to share! We will! I Miss you! (Are you crying too?)

Ang, though we lived over an hour apart it was always important to both of us to make the effort to meet in the middle as often as we could to "play". Oh, how I miss our Cracker Barrell breakfasts in Lewisville! Very few people in the world are as thoughtful and generous as you and Bri. I love it that we share that Aggie bond. Others think I'm crazy, but YOU know...I'm just like all the other Aggies. I miss you!

Rachel, can you believe we've known each other for like, what, 25 years or something crazy like that? Sorry I never went camping with you...heeeheeee...NOT! Even though we didn't see each other THAT often, it was nice knowing you were closeby. Well, if an hour and a half is considered closeby. I miss you girl!

Andrea, you take the hospitality award with all your yummy cookin' you did for us, neighbor! You're so thoughtful. I'm still trying to figure out a way to dognap Abbey. I miss that dog! I miss you!

Fellowship Church, seriously, those of you who have the awesome privilege of attending there each week...don't ever take it for granted. There are few churches in this world who touch as many lives as that one does. Where else can you show up for church on Sunday and THE NEWSBOYS are like...leading worship...totally unannounced, unadvertised. Or Shane & Shane. Or Lincoln Brewster. I love that church with every ounce of my being. Ed's passion is for reaching all sorts from the unchurched, people who are totally turned off by church, to people who have been in church all their lives, and everyone in between. I love that. So many churches are content to just keep feeding the already fed. Obese Christianity, as Ed calls it. Attending there for 3 years made me realize what a creative, exciting, entertaining entity the local church SHOULD be. My heartbeat and passion in ministry is different today because of what God is doing at Fellowship Church. Although I do watch it on T.V. and listen online, it's not the same. Fellowship Church, I miss you so bad it hurts!!!!

There are so many others of you I miss too. Though I didn't see you as often, somehow it was still comforting to know we lived in the same state close enough to get together when we wanted to or talk for hours on the phone, just meet for dinner, meet at an Aggie game or celebrate birthdays with, or have girl nights with, scrapbook events, meet for a play group, or see you in passing at church: Keri, Kristi C., Christy G, Megan, Denise, Sharla, Mary, Steph, Carin, Aunt Lynda, Aunt Alecia, Lorri, Amy T., Greta, Lara, Chrissy, Robin. I miss you all!

If you're reading this post, chances are you're greatly missed! Because not many people in FL read my blog for some reason. (They just don't know what they're missing do they?)


Anonymous said...

I FOUND THE COMMENT BUTTON!!! Now I can participate! Hey for all the D/FW food fans...try Guadelupe's in Grapevine on NWHwy and like Dooley-ish. So good! Heather, can't wait to see you and yes you did make me cry. Although being pregnant I cry alot! See you soon!

The Phams said...

They just don't know what their missing! :) Love your blogs and YOU!

I'm trying to get a bloggity make-over for our 10 year anniversary. We'll far the answer is no. ;)