Thursday, September 6, 2007

Weekend Picks

If you haven't had a chance yet, PLEASE read the sweet and hillarious post my husband made below this one in honor of my 100th entry. Thanks honey bun...I miss you tons and sweet Jesus I love ya to pieces!!!!! XXXXXXOOOOOO

I'm leaving in the morning for Houston, so I had to get my weekly picks posted. I've heard from several of you that the sudden interest in college football as a result of my blog is making your husbands, shall we say, very excited if you know what I mean. Glad I can help! Saving one marriage at a time through the use of college sports. God works in mysterious ways, what can I say! Also, on the left sidebar of my blog, you will notice a NEW FEATURE in the place of the countdown clock...the tradition spotlight! I will change it out every week with a new A&M tradition. Cause you know if something happens more than once in Aggieland, we call it a tradition. I'm kidding. But we have LOTS of traditions. So read up...there will be a test and a PRIZE. So you'd better study. You think I'm kidding? And now...THE PICKS!!!! Made for the 2nd week in a row without the use of what those loser sportscasters have to say. I'm just going on total intuition here. You know, cause I'm kind of psycho like that some times.

Miami FL at Oklahoma...the Okies will smokie the hurricanes. GO BIG 12! (Even though I DESPISE Oklahoma!)

#16 Nebraska at Wake Forest... The huskers gonna take those demons behind the wood shed. Didn't WF win the ACC last year? Not sure what is going on there. But GO BIG RED! and the Big 12 will shine!

Alabama at Vanderbilt...SWEET HOME ALABAMA baby! The tide gonna roll all over Vandy.

Boise State at Washington...don't know why I care. But I do like Ty Willingham, Washington's coach and I think this could be their break out year. Even though no one else is talking about them. And besides Boise State plays on that annoying blue field.

Fresno State at A&M..DUH...Beat the Hell Outta Fresno State!

South Carolina at Georgia...South Carolina's gonna give em heck, but the dawgs will win. Sorry Bennett.

Notre Dame at Penn State...I think Penn's overrated. But then again, the Irish STANK last week. So I guess I'm going with Jo Pa's Nittany Lions. Whatever a Nittany Lion is. Why don't they just call it a Lion?

#19 TCU at #7 (overrated) Texas...The horns are goin down in what will probably be the best matchup of the weekend. Did anyone else see that Texas almost couldn't beat ARKANSAS STATE last weekend? Seriously! I don't get it. THE AGGIES defeated Texas at the end of the season, as did someone else (KState or someone mediocre) and they still start the season in the top 10???? Whatever.

#9 Virginia Tech at #2 LSU...HATE HATE HATE the purple and gold cajuns, whatever they are. Oh yeah, Tigers. Grrrrrrr... Love VA TECH but I think LSU will win.

And that's that! I'm off to Houston in the moring and from there to College Station. So I won't be back at my mom's till late Saturday night. May the Lord bless your homes with more college football than you can stand this weekend! And may you kick your husband's tails with your picks!


tales_from_the_crib said...

my mom and dad got great seats to red white and blue out, right behind the band near the middles...they were "blue" oh, and you forgotted my favorite 12th man quotable! "I wish I could say that I went in and ran for the winning touchdown, but I did not. I simply stood by in case my team needed me." have a great football day everyone!

The Phams said...

What, no gators? That's the second weekd in a row you've disses my beloved team. I thought we were friends? They are ranked 3rd by USA today, you know? (thanks to Michigan). What's a friend to do?

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Girl, they're playin Troy! Do you honestly think they would lose? I only put games of not where there might actually be some sort of fight for the win. When the season gets rollin', FLorida will definitely be in my line up. I probably won't always pick them to win (heeeheee) but they'll be in my list!

The Phams said...

John Pham's picks:
All of the same except he thinks Boise state, Notre Dame and Texas (there going to kill them are his exact words) will win! We'll know soon enough.

tales_from_the_crib said...

the longhorns are sooo losing! and us aggies won! in overtimes!!!