Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Night & Day

I have two children who are night and day different. Which makes like interesting. Today as I was watching Ashton organize her grapes by size while Lexi was getting out like a gazillion toys and tossing them on the floor I couldn't help but notice how different they really are. Those of you who know me well know that I'm a clean freak. I clean EVERY day. I vacuum every day. I can't stand mess or dirt. I'm a total perfectionist when it comes to cleanliness. And so obviously God felt He needed to give me a child who is the polar opposite??? Lexi, my creative genius, is so messy. She thrives on messiness. Ten minutes after she was in our freshly cleaned car, her little area was a total disaster with shoes thrown around, wet wipes on the floor, and all 5 toys tossed about from her backpack. She had gotten some raisins out of my bag and they were all over the place. TEN MINUTES Y'ALL! Disaster! Today I had straightened up the house before Daddy got home and everything was in its place. 30 minutes later, you couldn't see the floor in her room or our living room. Thank God she's so darn cute! And HIGHLY highly creative, which may explain the messiness. Ashton, on the other hand, is my little neat freak. She likes to organize things by size or color or just line them up in straight rows. She LOVES to help clean up. She can't stand to have food or anything sticky on her hands or face. When she's done eating, she likes to tidy up her eating area. She tries to help me unload the dishwasher and vacuum each day. She's very analytical, always has been. Loves to see how things work. So I have a creative, messy child and an analytical, neat freak! Lexi is the nurturer, Ashton loves to be nurtured. Since Lexi was old enough to sit up she has always had a baby in her arms. She is a mommy to everything. When her babies get taken away as a punishment, she finds a pencil or a paper cup to be her baby! Lately she's been breastfeeding her babies! Yes, breastfeeding! Ashton, on the other hand, always wants to be the baby. She wants to be held and cuddled all day. She's my pocket baby. She'd be happy to just be carried around in my pocket all day. She kind of likes babies, but she tortures them more so than nurturing them. Lexi whines at the slightest ounce of pain. Ashton is tough as nails. Because she's had to be. Her sister has been inflicting pain on her since birth. Lexi very physical as an infant. She did everything early. Crawled at 5 months, was pulling up at 7 months, was walking at 9 months. Ashton was totally content to just be carried around and cuddled till about 15 months. That's when she finally decided to do something with herself!

I could go on and on. Different as night and day. And that's what makes things so much fun!

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