Friday, September 14, 2007

My Weekend Picks

I'm going on the record right now...Oklahoma will play for the national championship. It pains me to say. Oh well, at least it's a Big 12 team. They will most likely play LSU, perhaps USC. I hate OU, but I think they're the real deal, full package team this year. I know. I hate it. It's sickening. And God help the Aggies on Nov 3 when we travel to Norman to play them.

Okay now for my weekend picks. Please know, there is absolutely NO professional opinion taken into account when I am making these picks. I can't seem to find any college football talk on the radio that's clean enough for my kids to hear and all that is on my TV is Noggin or Disney, not ESPN! So my picks are usually based on how well I like the team mascot, the color of their uniforms, their coach, oh and their win/loss record but mostly I just rub my hands across my forehead until a true psychic prediction becomes clear as mud and there you have it. The cooky thing is that I still seem to be mostly accurate.

Missippissi, I mean Mississippi State at Auburn...I pick Auburn. But one of these days State fans, one of these days, your dawgs will be victorious. Not quite sure why ol' Sylvester still has a job. One of those days!

HEY JESS...are you ready? #22 Tennessee at #5 Florida...I think the first half will look like a good game. The vols will hang in there but I think Florida will take the lead in the 4th quarter and win this one.

#6 Texas (OVERRATED!) at Univ of Central Florida...I think my husband is going to this game??? Are you honey? The golden knights aren't a bad team but Texas will have an easy win. They seemed to have finally found their game in the 2nd half against TCU.

Notre Dame at Michigan...both teams 0-2, who knew? This one is like, flip a coin, they both stink! I'm only picking Michigan because I just don't think they could lose 3 in a row at home. Now the Irish have grown accustomed to losing in last decade. But this one is a total guess to me!

My sis in law will love me for this one...Southern Miss (GO EAGLES) at East Carolina...she's a southern Miss girl and I'm picking them to win this one! Those Carolina boys ain't no match for them big fried chicken eatin Southern Miss boys.

#16 Arkansas at Alabama...I'm picking Bama. Nick Saban is one of the BEST coaches in all of football and Bama is back. Besided the hogs only have like 1 player on the team, McFadden, and I think he's gonna get tired tomorrow!

Louisiana Monroe at #25 Texas A&M...BTHOLM! My Ags, God love em, have been nothing above mediocrity the last 2 weeks. This should no doubt be a win, but I want to see them HAMMER someone, not go to triple overtime. I want total domination. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to. We have tons of experienced talent. I hope to see some greatness tomorrow.

Texas State at Gaylor, I mean Baylor. Go Bears, I know you can do it! Get the win while you can cause Big 12 play starts in just a week or two.

#1 USC at #14 Nebraska...GO HUSKERS! I think USC will experience a loss this year and this could be the week. The huskers are much improved and this is a home game and everyone knows you don't mose with those crazy corn head people! I would love to see these farm boys kick some hippy bootie! (I think USC will win, but I'm sure gonna pull for Nebraska!)

Florida State at Colorado...GO BIG 12...I'm picking the Buffs. I don't know why. Probably a mistake, but I think they can do it. FS is nothing special these days.

And there you have picks! That's pure genius right there now!


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Great picks honey, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on the last two. USC will win (close) and FSU will win (also close). I love You. Can't wait to see you in two days.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Can y'all believe my very own husband would go against me???? TREASON! Actually I think I said USC would win, but that I'm pulling for Neb, so I guess we only disagree on one and I'm sitting the fence on that one. Love you 2!

The Phams said...'s the deal:
We agree with everything except we think (mostly John, but I have to look cool right) that Arkansas is going to beat Alabama and Florida State will beat Colorado. We both hate Florida State.

Anyway, we agree about the Tennesse v. UF game tomorrow, too. We are going to our neighbor's house 4 doors down to watch it. Should be a blast!! !:) Have fun watching your AGGIES!!!

P.S. She did say USC will win. Sorry C dawg!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Southern Miss made your picks! I am so excited. I read faithfully every week and I thought, well, surely she'll mention us. (Especially when we played Tennessee!) Alas! And you were right... we beat East Carolina. (which by the way is a sore subject with Dad b/c he went to East Carolina)

Thanks for the inclusion.
Go Eagles!

Rhonda (the sis in law)