Friday, September 28, 2007

Drumroll Please...The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

I know you've been on the edge of your seats all week counting down the minutes till I make my weekend picks. And pigs fly!

Well the wait is over! Here are our picks. Cary went in with me on these so I'll post both of our picks. (But keep in mind, I know WAY more about college football than him and when I saw some of his picks, I said, "Are you smoking crack?")

#5 West Virginia at #18 South Florida: We both pick South Florida. Cary's brother and sister in law both work at South Florida, so we've been followers of their program the last few years and they are pretty tough.

#21 Penn State at Illinois: Cary picks Penn State and I pick the fighing Illini (is that how you spell it???) Though unranked, I think just about anyone can beat Penn State. OVERRATED! I think the voters just feel sorry for Jo Pa so they give him a ranking at the beginning of every season since he's so highly respected. But they are usually unranked by mid-season. Isn't Florida's former coach, Ron Zook, the coach at Illinois now? I think! What is a Nittany Lion anyways, is that like a pansy puma? (That was Cary's joke y'all!)

Michigan at Northwestern: Cary says "GO BIG PURPLE!" He picks Northwestern. I pick Michigan. I think the Wolverines have finally found their game these last 2 weeks. I pick Michigan.

Duke at Miami: We both pick Miami. Dukey ( poopee, get it, hey we're parents) should feel right at home in the toilet bowl, I mean the Orange Bowl. Sorry, my children's pastor husband came up with that one!

Notre Dame at Purdue: We both pick Purdue. They're 4-0 and are HOT right now.

Mississippi State at #16 South Carolina: I know the Dawgs pulled off that big win at Auburn, but I don't think they can pull it off twice this season. South Carolina will win this one.

Gaylor, I mean Baylor, at Texas A&M: Baylor is kind of the laughing stock of the Big 12 in football, but unfortunately we lost to Baylor 2 years ago and last year was too close for comfort. Which doesn't say much for my Aggies. But I think the 12th man will show up BIG tomorrow to inspire our Aggies to a victory. And I won't be there. And I'm still crying over that. Gig'Em Ags...BTHO Baylor! The Ags will win this one, and I hope they win big!

Iowa State at #25 Nebraska: Somewhat of a Big 12 North rivalry game. ISU always shows up when they play Nebraska. But Cary and I have seen Nebraska play this year and we think they have a good future with their new coach. Huskers Win!

#6 Cal at # 11 Oregon: The Hippies of Cal will have Duck Soup for dinner!

Kansas State at #7 Texas: For some reason, the last few years KState has always given Texas a scare, even the year they won the NC. Last year, they DID beat Texas. I think Texas has revenge on their minds and they will easily handle the wildcats at home.

Michigan State at #9 Wisconsin: Both teams are 4-0, but Wisconsin is on FIRE right now. This is a home game for them. I think it could be a very very close game and I almost want to pick Mich State, but Cary talked me out of it. We both pick Wisconsin. (But Wisconsin should be on upset alert!)

#13 Clemson at Georgia Tech: I pick Georgia Tech, Cary picks Clemson. Clemson is tough this year, but Georgia Tech is always that surprise team that can come out and shock ya!

#22 Alabama at Florida State: "Sweet home Alabama..." That's what Cary's singing right now as I'm typing. We both pick Bama on this one. Sorry Carrie!

East Carolina at Houston: This one's for Lorri...Go Cougs!

#1 USC at Washington: I pick USC, Cary picks Washington (I told y'all...he's crazy!)
There's no way USC loses this game. If they do, I will be eating humble pie.

Auburn at #4 Florida: I pick Florida, Cary picks Auburn! (See...CRAZY!) Auburn does having something to prove after losing to Miss State a few weeks ago. But I think Florida wins easily at home.

And there you have it...let the betting begin! After I win tomorrow, Cary will be my slave for 30 minutes. Get y'alls minds out of the gutter! This does not involve the bedroom. Well, actually it does. He'll be cleaning the toilet and shower in my bedroom! Heeheehee!


Becky K said...

Girl both you and hubby got the South Florida game right! Look at you guys go!! My hubby is going to the UT/Kansas State tomorrow. Guess we will see if your prediction holds up there!

Lorri said...

Go Coogs! Bummer that you have to miss the game. We have to miss the home games this year because our little man is to small for outdoor games-dad's idea. So we are forced to watch games at home this year.

Hopefully this weekend will be good for the Coogs and the Aggies.