Thursday, September 27, 2007

They Fight Over Brocolli???

Seriously. Would you think it? Today at lunch I fixed the girls some mac and cheese with steamed brocolli. There was an all out WAR over the brocolli. I couldn't believe my eyes. They were stuffing it in their mouths as fast as they could so the other one wouldn't eat more than them. Lexi kept saying with her mouth full, "Mommy, she's eating too much. I wanted that piece." And Ashton would yell with her mouth full, "No Lessi! Mine!" And the mac and cheese...untouched! At least until every last piece of brocolli in the house had been eaten and then they had to settle for mac and cheese. I know I don't have like a lot of mothering experience, but I'm pretty sure this isn't normal toddler behavior.

And now for an update on my little princess prisoner...she's been sleeping in Lexi's room for the past 3 nights and napping there as well. She's slept great all three nights in there. One thing I was worried about was that they might talk and play around rather than going to sleep at bedtime. But that hasn't been a problem at all. I usually sit nearby so I can hear them for a few minutes and they haven't made a peep. And I was also worried that she would get out of her bed too early in the mornings, which she can't do in the crib b/c she can't climb out. But that hasn't been a problem either. She and Lexi usually wake up at the same time and just lay in their beds and talk until one of us hears them and goes to get them. So all is well again! Everyone is sleeping. I guess they will share a room for now. Until they're, oh, about ages 11 and 13 and they can't stand each other!

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mom2iande said...

oh my are so lucky. ian is the early riser and likes to play. elise lays her head down on her pillow when we put her to bed and likes to sleep late. that is soooooo not fair!!!!!!!

we have wondered when elise is not in the baby bed anymore and she has a bigger bed in her room than ian, if he will end up in her bed with her? when that time comes i will let you know.

i still say you are so lucky to have them go to be at the same time and actually go to sleep!

the brocoli story is hilarious...i could picture them doing that.