Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Headin' To Miami...

First of all, check out my tradition spotlight on the left in order to learn all about another Aggie tradition, Midnight Yell, because I know you want to know all things Aggie. So I'm going to watch my FOURTH Aggie game in FOUR weeks y'all...let's give it up for my Maroon Bleedin' Fightin' Texas Aggie self! And I'll pause there while you all WHOOP in my honor. And cause I know you're just dyin' to know what that whole "whoop" thing means, I'll explain. In Aggieland, we have like our own language of sorts, and traditions that only we understand. It's often been referred to as a "cult" by outsiders and that's okay. It kind of is my "other religion". The saying about Aggieland goes, "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it, and from the inside looking out, you can't explain it." But a "whoop" is a loud voice of approval. Only juniors and seniors and alumni are really supposed to whoop, or whoever an alumni gives "whooping privileges", which would be ALL OF YOU my bloggity friends. It's called our "wildcat" and after an Aggie yell or any time you want to show approval for something in Aggieland, you do your wildcat. Freshman raise their hands in the air and yell "A" for a really long time. Sophomores yell, "A-A-A-A-A" with a different hand motion that I can't really describe, juniors and seniors get to whoop with crisscrossed fingers pointing down or up respectively and a senior crosses their fingers so their Aggie ring shows. Okay, so now that you're thorougly confused or have just quit reading because LIKE YOU CARE...consider yourselves edjumacated on Aggie wildcatting.

Okay, so back to my theme here, I'm heading down to Miami for our Thursday night game on ESPN against the Canes. Look for Cary and I on t.v. 6:30 p.m. Central time. We are ranked #16 in the USA Today Coach's Poll and the Hurricanes are NOT ranked. However, with the total mediocrity with which we have been playing defense (even last week with a 40 point win...our defense STUNK y'all. They did!) I am fully expecting to be outscored at some point in the near future (cause Aggies never lose, but we sometimes do run out of time). So while I'm hoping to be 4-0 after tomorrow, I truly think this game will go to whichever team wants it badly enough. And I hope that's my Aggies! If the game comes down to which team can score the most points, we'll win. Our offense rocks. But if the game comes down to which defense can keep the other team from scoring, we're in trouble. My 86 year old grandmother could get through our defensive line.

So if we do get outscored, just know that I will be in mourning on Friday. Please don't comment on my blog with your sympathies, don't call me, don't email me, don't send me flowers. Just pray for my family as they deal with my mood.

And if you actually got through this whole bloggity nonsense of a post, congratulations...give yourselves a high five. Maybe you should get a life....but congratulations. Cause seriously I don't even want to read it.



The Phams said...

WOOHOO!! Glad you get to go to your 4th game in 3 weeks. Isn't God just awesome to allow this for you? I sure think so! Have a great, great time and eat some junk food for me.

P.S. if you ask are kids what the Miami Hurricane's are - their quick response: criminals!!!

Aggieland Mommy said...

I am so excited for you, I guess it's more like living vicariously through you. Our house is ready for the game: Lauren randomly decides to start yells throughout the day and Caleb gives his, "AAAAAA" in unison. Love ya!

tales_from_the_crib said...

leads into one of my favorite aggie jokes:
so, when is midnight yell?

Txagmel said...

Have a wonderful time!! I know you will! I can't wait until we live close enough to go to a game has been 8 years since we have been to one, can you belive that???? That is NOT right!
BTHO Miami!!

Becky K said...

Have fun at the game - I know you will!! I will be sure to watch TV to see if I catch a glimpse of you and hubby. ;) I loved your comment about if something unexpected should husband and his best friend are the same way with their fantasy football. They give each other "grieving" time! LOL!!