Thursday, September 13, 2007

BFF... Part 2

Lexi and Molly...BFF!

Pardon me while I get out my kleenex. You might want to also! (Especially you, Audra!) Earlier in the week, I posted about Lorrri, my BFF. Well, here's a second generation BFF story. We met Caleb and Audra at a company event in May '04. Caleb and Cary worked together. Audra and I talked for a long time that night and found out we had so much in common. We were both stay at home moms of 1 yr olds, just 2 months apart in age. And we both went to the same church. A few weeks later, we were all on a company trip to Las Vegas and we spent lots of time hanging out since we were the only 2 couples behaving properly! After the Vegas trip, we started spending LOTS and LOTS of time together since our husbands both worked the same bizarre schedules with the same days off. We were single moms together! And our girls, Lexi and Molly, became instant friends. A few months later, Audra had her second baby, Katie, and a few months after that, I had Ashton. And who brought me a chocolate milk shake while I was in labor and helped me get my eye makeup on just in time to push that baby out? That would be Audra! You gotta have on your makeup for those post delivery pictures, you know! And I've since quit keeping up with Audra's baby making because she's now pregnant with #4! (Molly is the oldest at age 4, so send some prayers her way y'all! God love her!) Long story short...Audra and I became inseperable, which meant our children were also inseperable. Their family is our family and vice versa! Which has made this move to Florida all the more difficult for me. I prayed for this type of friend to come along in my life for so long and then when she did, God moved us 1000 miles away! One thing that has been so hard is hearing Lexi say things like, "Mommy, I want to see Molly" or "Mommy, can we go to Texas and see Molly?" It just rips my heart out! Molly is truly Lexi's best friend! And at the age of 4, you'd think they might forget each other or the time apart would put a damper on their friendship. But not so! Lexi was chompin' at the bit all the way up I35 on Monday saying, "Mommy, drive faster. I want to see Molly!" And they spent a lot of time together this week and just immediately picked up right where they left off. Yesterday, when they had to say goodbye, there were tears on both ends. Lexi cried and cried as we left the parking lot. Which made me cry and cry. And I think I cried all night till I finally fell asleep! My eyes have been puffy all day. Saying goodbye just sucks. I hate it! Lexi and Molly, your mommies are committed to seeing to it that you never have to say goodbye for too long in between visits sweet girls! Best friends forever!!! (and on a sidenote... even though her parents both went to Texas Tech and Audra ended up with a degree from TCU, we do our share of Aggie brainwashing when the kids are in our care. So we do pray that maybe one day the girls can all room together at A&M!)

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Anonymous said...

Why do you do this to me? Thanks a lot for the end of the evening sob story. Now I'll fall asleep crying! We truly did have a great time with you guys - right back to the way things were, huh? I like to pretend you just went on home to Keller and I'll see you soon, but then you go and post something like this to remind me about all the hanging out and playdates I am missing. The Pizza Garden was so great with you guys. For real, I bet I've only been there twice since you moved b/c it just isn't the same with out ya! The pizza is better when you're there too! Ha! I love you sister and totally miss you! The thing is, while I am pregnant, once I start crying about something, I keep it up for a while!