Thursday, September 6, 2007

100th Entry!!!

Top 10 Reasons I want my family back...

by: Cary Cubitt

1. Pillows can't hug back.
2. I don't want my life to be a novel that I read on our family website. I want it to be a movie where I am the Super Hero riding off into the sunset with my beautiful wife... We'll come back for the kids, I promise.
3. Candice can't make chicken soup, but she tries her best to make me feel better with wet licks to the face, and her breath strangely smells like chicken soup. (In case anyone doesn't know... Candice is our dog, not our housekeeper.)
4. It's too quiet here!
5. I have actually gotten my fill of FBI Files and Deep See Detectives and am looking forward to finding some Blues Clues with my girls.
6. The usual Estrogen to Testosterone ratio of 2 to 1 has reversed and its just not healthy. Baloo and I lie around on the couch scratching ourselves and watching Crocodile Hunter, dreaming of what it would be like, while Candice rolls her eyes at us, thinking, that's a bunch of Croc! (Baloo is our cat.)
7. Playing in the sand with other peoples' children just doesn't go over with the locals. Lighten up people!
8. Ahh, I miss the smell of fresh poop in the morning!
9. After shedding about 9 pounds from a stomach virus, I'm looking pretty trim and buff, and want to do a little muscle dance for my wife. I don't mean little muscles I mean little dance, well you know what I mean, I mean nothings little just the dance. Aughhh! Forget it! No Dance!?%$*
10. Although Candice beating her tail on the couch and Baloo clawing the rug make me feel very welcomed and loved when I get home, there is just nothing like coming home to the most beautiful loving wife in the world and the two most adorable rug rats. I Love Y'all soooo much!

Let's give it up for my wife in celebration of her...our 100th blog entry! Doesn't she do such a great job? I am so thankful that she cares enough to do something like this. It's going to mean a lot the the kids someday. I love you honey and I am so proud of you. COME BACK SOON!

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tales_from_the_crib said...

i thought'd it was funny, but mom said if i couldn't come up with a good reason to post back, it wasn't going to be you asked for it: the aggies won!!! in overtimes!!!