Sunday, September 16, 2007

Game Day and Chest Pains

Don't panic...Not the kind of chest pains that deal with emergency rooms, I'll explain later. Ags win 54-14...WHOOP! Couldn't have asked for a better way to end my trip to Texas. I'll be heading back to Florida Sunday afternoon, so please pray for me as I am trapped on a big bird with a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old for 3 hours going through Granny detox! Should be pleasant. I must confess, although I am so fired up about seeing the love of my life (that would be Cary, not Texas A&M, although it's a close one) I'm not terribly excited about going back to reality. And it has nothing to do with anyone or anything in Florida. Our friends and church family treat us like gold. We couldn't ask to be surrounded by nicer people. But I am definitely suffering from "chest pains". My heart hurts over saying goodbye once again to all that is home to me. Texas is in my veins y'all! And God knows I bleed maroon! But I want to be obediant to God and I trust that He will provide comfort in my discomfort and I know He will continue to bless us for our obedience in serving Him. But I can't help and ask sometimes, "WHY GOD, WHY? Why can't we serve you IN TEXAS???" I know He has his reasons, which I just have to trust. At least He did send us to the entertainment capitol of the world right? And to the prettiest beaches in the country! My husband says, "God knew it would take Disneyworld to get you outta Texas!" And he's right.

Here are some pics from our day in Aggieland!

We met up with Aunt Alecia at Wings N More before the game and stuffed our bellies with the yummiest wings EVER!

We watched the band and the Corps march in!

The nationally famous FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE BAND...WHOOP! We ALWAYS win at halftime!

These girls were already zapped and the game hadn't even started yet! This was sitting on the street corner waiting for march in.
Gig'Em Aggies...future fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2025...WHOOP!

Ashton can't do a Gig'Em sign, so she just raises her pointer...#1...that's okay Ash, close enough. Future Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2027...WHOOP!

Ashton was too busy looking at the Aggie band which was right behind me marching down the street.

Their favorite part of Aggie games...eating yummies!

It's kind of dark, but that's a full Kyle Field behind me and the Aggie band marching at half time.
Watch for me and Cary on ESPN Thursday night. We're headed down to Miami to watch the Ags BEAT THE HELL OUTTA MIAMI!
Farmers Fight!


The Phams said...

Hey Aggie! Gig' em! Did I spell that write?

Your post sounds surprisingly like one I wrote last night, but much funnier. I can't even try to be funny when my heart is so sad! :)

I'll be lifting you up today as you venture in the big blue sky with 2 babies. Fun fun!! Try not to look back as you leave Texas.

Lisa said...

Gig 'em!!

Looks like you guys had a blast at the game. I'm so ready to get down to Aggieland for the game Oct.6 (when we beat the hell outta OSU).

I know what you mean about being in another state and I'm just over the border in Oklahoma. For some reason it still feels like forever away from home. I was really sad when my daughter was in OK, when both me and my hubbie were born and raised in TX. But I also feel that there is a reason we are in Sooner country....just haven't figured it out yet!

Hope your flight went well with the kiddos!

Txagmel said...

WHOOP for the win by 40 points!!!! We listened to it on the internet radio and I needed that after last week's win! :-)
I totally feel your pain...I feel it EVERY time we leave the Lone Star State. Glad you had a wonderful time visiting your family and friends! :-)

mom2iande said...

is that your mom's sister? took me a minute to realize your mom was on the right side of the picture...a lot the same.