Monday, June 16, 2008

Quirky Me..

I've been tagged by Jess at Phamilyof6, my gator missionary friends! They are in language school in Costa Rica and headed off to the mission field of Lima, Peru in just a few short weeks. (And I thought I had it rough moving from Texas to Florida!) I'm supposed to write 6 quirks about myself. Are there 6? Really? I thought all Aggies were pure PERFECTION! (Okay, so there's quirk #1...Texas Aggie in Fl thinks she's PERFECT!) Kidding. Now seriously, this is HARD because I think I'm "normal" and everyone else is just wierd.

1. I bathe twice daily...RELIGIOUSLY! Yesterday, took a shower BEFORE going to the beach, (who does that), took my shampoo and soap and showered off at the outdoor shower AT the beach, then took a bath when I got home because that last shower at the beach just didn't count. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times on this here blog people... "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". I cannot sleep without my hot hot hot bath at night, every night! Even if I just showered like 2 hours earlier, still must have my hot bath in order to sleep. Okay, so I know what you're thinking...that's not quirky, that's neurotic!

2. Must clean house DAILY. Cannot handle dirt or mess or unorganization. Makes me crazier than I already am. Say it with me...cleanliness is next to Godliness! Nice and slow this time.

3. Perfectionist to the point of being an absolute control freak in every area of my life (and his, and hers and hers, etc etc). See, I can't stop!

4. I drive UNDER the speed limit. ALWAYS! (It makes me feel more IN CONTROL...see? Control freak!)

5. My husband would say I overanalyze EVERYTHING, but I prefer to call it "wisdom and discernment"! Truly, it's just a God given gift!

6. I iron every day. I cannot stand wrinkled clothing. Sometimes I look at people's clothing and wonder why they don't just iron that dern thing. My husband gets that look from me often and he knows what it means..."Take off that shirt and let me iron it before you wear it out in public, for Heaven's sake!" He just informed me that there is a new washing machine out that has a steam setting so that you never have to iron again...Can I get a "Glory"? Thank you Jesus! If you'd like to donate to the Texas Aggie In FL washing machine fund, please send your checks to...kidding. Well, sort of.

Now if you have a blog and you're reading're it!


Jonatha said...

I have to get that washing machine! I hate ironing. I'm one of those people you look at :)

I totally get the 2 showers a day thing. I do the 3 showers a day when I do any outdoor activity. My mom thinks I'm crazy! I think I'll just send her to your blog...

Kim said...

Yes, you are a TAD bit of a control freak. I hate to bathe. I know that it must be done so as not to offend others. I need to think about a quirky "I'm-so different-from-Heather-in-a million-ways,-except-for-the-whole-blog-thing" list.

It was so much fun hanging out with you last week.

MommaJen said...

wow, I think you are my twin except for the driving under the speed limit thing - I'm the driving over the speed limit, on probation I have so many speeding tickets kinda gal!

laytonfamily said...

okay, so will you adopt me and teach me to clean, iron, and be more organized? My hubby would greatly appreciate it!

Nickel Mom said...

You sound so much like me it's scary! :o)

circus of love said...

I overanalyze EVERYTHING, too. At least we have that in common.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know you drove over the speed limit once when I was following you.
Love, DaDa G

Leigh Ishee said...

I did this on my blog. ;)