Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If you came into my house...

I saw this on my friend, Kim's blog and thought it was interesting. So here's a peak into MY home and if you're reading're it!

You would see: a family that laughs continously, me cleaning non-stop, dog hair on the couch

We'd probably feed you: leftover pot roast, SO juicy and tender. I cooked it in the slowcooker on Monday....YUM!

We'd undoubtadly ask you if you'd read: Oh my stars, I can think of NOTHING on this one. We are a house of total NON-READERS! And yes, I used to be a reading teacher!

We'd want to play this music for you: My radio station is tuned to a country station right this second. So maybe a Rascal Flatts song? I love them! My kids would want you to hear their new favorite song..."Round up". It's our VBS theme song this year and they can't get enough of it. (I'll have to post a video of Daddy on stage at VBS doing the dance to this song. It's like...well... nothing you've ever seen before."

We'd want to tell you the latest about: How mommy helped to rescue a gator in the middle of the road today so it wouldn't get squashed. I did! I really did! Okay, so it was a blow up gator, like a swimming ring, but still. I couldn't resist. It was smiling. I didn't want it to get popped under someone's tire. It was on the main highway that runs through town. And I was just thinking today that Ashton needed a swim ring because that's how Lexi learned to swim! See, God supplies our needs in mysterious ways.

We'd probably suggest a game of: bowling on the wii, although prepare to be taken down! We're just slightly competitive in this home. Cary and I actually beat our super smart engineer friends at Cranium once. Would anyone like to play Cranium with us? I didn't think so.

We might show off: our new school pictures I just got on Friday. Lexi has a black eye and is wearing 3 inch dangly, sparkling earrings in her preschool graduation picture. nice.

We might get on the computer and show you: our blog of course

If it was a long enough visit we might watch: "Little Bear? " or "Farmer Wants a Wife?" Come on, you know you watch it too! Daddy would want you to watch an episode of "How It's Made". Or our all time favorite "King of Queens". You saw that one coming right?


laytonfamily said...

this is great, I'm stealing it!

Ashley said...

I really thought you rescued a gator. I was so impressed. Then I laughed hysterically when I found out it was a blow up gator. I would have done the same thing!

Rhonda said...

That sounds exhausting and a little crazy... I am not visiting your house anymore. :)

Just kidding!

Mel :-) said...

Fun, I might have to borrow that too! :-)

Nickel Mom said...

You are hilarious! I started reading your blog after Stef Layton did the same thing on her blog! So funny. I just put it on my blog too! We just moved to Florida a few months ago for my husbands job! Thanks for letting me read your blog! :o) Betsy

laytonfamily said...

YES - crazy VBS planning. I'm trashing our cubbards, closets, and garage looking for anything remotely resembling something Hawaiian! I've even asked our neighbors if they had anything! I stress over these little things, like room decorations - just hoping it'll be fun for the kids and end up missing the whole point!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the music you would want to play...what? Aggie War Hymn? :) I figured you would have the Aggie Band CD playing in the background! I actually have an Aggie Band CD, you know. :) I listen to it every now and then in the car when I have a difficult commute home. It instantly takes me to a happier place! Hullabaloo!