Tuesday, June 24, 2008

gotta lil hitch in my get a long

Whew! I'm WIPED out! Could hardly get out of bed this morning and I will probably fall asleep on my computer before I finish this post, so if you start to see a bunch of letters running together...well, that means my head just hit the keyboard and I'm OUT! Well, day 2 of VBS is over! 3 more days to go! It's going well. We had 176 kids tonight. The nightly shows have been pure greatness with my husband playing the part of Cookie and Kathryn's husband (bloggin buddy, Circus of Love) playing the part of Tex. I'm not sure who is enjoying it more, the kids or the adults. The BEST thing about the week so far has been the amazing volunteers that have graced us with their service. We've had over 70 volunteers and I've actually had to turn people away because we are truly fully staffed! What an incredible problem to have right? It's been so neat to see people who don't normally volunteer for children's ministry having such a great time and being so good at what they're doing. We have volunteers of all ages too, young and old and everything in between.

On another note, there were more break ins a few neighborhoods down from mine this week and I think more today too. Well, the police helicopter was circling above us for more than 30 minutes this morning at the same time of day the other break ins have been occuring. I'm so freaked out! But I was telling a friend today that if they broke into our house, they would be SORELY disappointed! In fact, they would probably sue us because I'm sure they would injure themselves getting in the all glass doors, only to get inside and see that we have NOTHING worth steeling! We have no plasmas, no DVD players, no stereos or surround sound systems, no techno gadgets, no blingy jewelry, just T.V.'s that won't work in a few months without a digital converter box!

wlekjlkwjerwerlwkejrlwkewfrflkewklejrlwkjlwjerljwljerljwerjkwlekrjwlkjerljwerj...(I'm snoring!)


tales_from_the_crib said...

have a nice naps!

kristi said...

you are too funny! zzzzzzzz.....

my dad says every time he visits i have moved the furniture and if someone robbed us on a repeat visit, they would trip and hurt themselves because the furniture is in a new place.

laytonfamily said...

can I just say I love you? You posted - forever ago - you made pot roast for dinner. I've been craving it since, and I'm so lovin' it tonight on a rainy night!

Hope VBS is going great!