Monday, June 9, 2008

More Baklava???

I had an extreme craving for Greek food today so we did a google search and found a place that was not too far away. It even had a 5 star rating. Well, there was only one review. And it was probably the owner's. But upon our arrival, I immediately felt like I was thrust into a scene of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". It was this little tiny hole in the wall Greek grocery store with a refrigerated counter full of menu items. I chose some grape leaves, hummus, tabouli, and baba ghanoush and we ALL sat down at one of the two tables in this, uh uhm, grocery store. And when I say ALL, I mean ALL. My family, and now my "extended" Greek family and their friends. Yes, they sat with us and watched us eat and said things like, "Is it good? Huh? It better be good. Or else! Eat, eat, I get you more, huh?" In a heavy Greek accent. So after a 30 minute meal, I feel like we know everything about their lives and vice versa. It was strange, but the food was so good, I didn't care. The Baklava was heavenly. I wanted to come back every day!!! Despite the wierdness of eating with strangers. And towards the end of the meal, one of the ladies looked at me and said, "So do you know what you're having?" Think think, think think. What is she talking about. What am I having? Oh and then it hit me, she wanted to get me some more food. Because that's the Greek way. I think. "Oh, I'll have more baklava please." Laughter erupted. I was confused. Why was everyone laughing. "No, no, I mean what are you having, boy or girl?" Oh my stars, she didn't! "Oh, I'm not pregant. But I'll have some more baklava!" Was what I wanted to say. Was she kidding? Who asks that question? That is just something you NEVER EVER EVER EVER ask a woman. I don't care if she's IN LABOR!!!!!

Now I used to have a waist line. I did! It was never 18 inches. But I had a waist line. But the family curse took hold after giving birth. Curse, you ask? Yes, our family has been cursed with The Kool Aid man shape. You know. Big tummy, little legs. And it's especially prolific after a woman in the family gives birth. My mom and aunts and grandmother have, at times, gone on diets and lost a ton of weight and actually been down to what Weight Watchers called their "ideal weight" but the Kool Aid shape was still there. Big tummy, little legs! It never goes away. Now I have the unfortunate DOUBLE curse. Because on one side of the family, there is this whole Kool Aid man belly, and on the other side of my family are the THUNDER THIGHS. Put the two together and you have, well, ME! It's really okay, I know and have accepted that no matter how much weight I lose (or don't lose) I will always have this crazy tummy and big thighs! And I'm still hot and sexy, so who cares! But this was the 3rd time in my life that I've been asked this question when I WASN'T pregnant!

Now, please don't even dream of leaving a comment like this..."I know how you feel. I've always been teased for being too skinny. It's just as hard as being too fat." SHUT UP!!! That's a load of crap! Every woman dreams of being "too skinny". No woman in her right mind dreams of being "too fat"! I know a girl who complains because "it's so hard to find clothes when a size zero is too big." PAH-LEASE! Let me play my violin for you.

When we left the Greek place, Cary said, "I bet they're all fussing at that lady for insulting their only customer of the day!" So much for eating THERE every day!


laytonfamily said...

I can't top it - sadly I can relate. I didn't take a shower Sunday, after a hairsprayed night Saturday -- so we're getting soda at the airport and the woman behind the counter says to me, "were you at the dog show"? I said, "do I look THAT bad"?? My husband almost spit on her he was laughing so hard. Thankfully there WAS a dog show in town, but I still felt like puppy chow.

And I think you're wonderfully beautiful because you have THE BEST sense of humor, besides myself. And I'm still carrying around 30lbs - and my baby is 9 months old!

Next time, say Boy! You may have gotten a free dessert!

Rhonda said...

I can understand. :)

Kim said...

But look at your hair! You've got the best hair evah... Whenever I see you I think, "Good grief, how in the world is her hair perfect ALL THE TIME. In Florida!!!!!"

I think you're gorgeous. Cary is a lucky man.

circus of love said... a few weeks ago at my parents' church..a guy I used to be in youth group with as a teenager says to me..."Kathryn, You know you have to stop swallowing those basketballs." UGH!!! you're pregnant again. I was standing next to my pregnant sister who doesn't look as pregnant as I do...Joy,joy,joy,joy! Oh and my neice told me that week that I looked like I was going to have a baby again, too. I guess it is time for situps and Weight Watchers again.

Ashley said...

You know, it IS hard being so skinny too!! I can NEVER find clothes that fit! I just hate it when zeros are too big...WAIT, those aren't zeros. they don't make zeros in pregnant clothes! If you notice, I don't even post pictures of myself anymore!

The other day, I was about to hop in the shower and my husband tried to beat me there and I said, "what you think you're going to take one with me??" and his response..."I don't think there is enough room!"

Yeah, he's still hurting over that little joke!!

Jonatha said...

Who cares what they say? At least the baklava was good - just imagine if the food was awful ;)

Anonymous said...

You have been blessed with such wonderful genes. No one has the perfect body, if we did we would not have anything to look forward to when we get to heaven. "The Perfect Body" (I can hardly wait)Besides it is not what is outside that counts, it's whats on the inside, and I think you are the most beautiful woman, daughter, wife, mother, niece and granddaughter in the world. As Lexi says "You are special" and I wish I had your hair also.


mom2iande said...

I am sorry.... and I do not know why people say things like that to people. We are the way we are as part of God's plan for us...He knows the plans he has for us.