Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blizzard Warning...Brrrrr

Boy that got your attention huh? It's hot as blazes here! BUT...we went to Blizzard Beach today for some fun in the sun. We discovered online that it was not much more to buy an annual pass to the Disney Waterparks to go any day after 2 p.m. than it is for a one day pass. So we upgraded and got the annual pass. We don't seem to make it out of the house before 2 p.m. anyways, what the heck! Even if we only used it twice, it would pay for itself! The girls had a great time. Cary and I have two words to describe Blizzard Beach...DATE NIGHT! Oh yeah baby! Seriously, we're gonna get us some sitters and just have our date nights at the water park. We were reminiscing today about how just a few years ago we thought we were in heaven at the city of Hurst water park, which cost just a $1 to get in for Hurst residents. We went DAILY. And now here we are in vacation paradise, with a season pass to the mother of all waterparks cause Disney doesn't do anything halfway! Oh yes, it certainly pays to follow God's will for your life doesn't it?

I wish I could say I took TONS of pictures of the girls at the waterpark today, and of Lexi going down the waterslides (oh yes she did, big girl!) But I didn't take a single one! My camera card is all full of videos of Daddy jumping around on stage at VBS like a bull at the rodeo! I will eventually download those videos on here. Because I know you won't sleep until you see them. When I have time to breathe again! Good heavens. Would you believe I had to work today? And I kind of have a full plate of work stuff this week too. No rest for the weary.


Kim said...

I've never been to Blizzard Beach. It's always number one in the Water Park countdown (didn't you know there was one?) and I would love to go. Someday. Hey, thanks for the heads up on the annual thing. That would be worth it.

kristi said...

Doesn't Cary need a business manager and a nurse??? Just kidding. That would be great to go to Disney ALL the time!!!

I DO want to see Cary moving around like a bull at VBS. Put it on your facebook, too!

Phamilyof6 said...

We had water park tickets and went almost every weekend! It was so amazing! That is one of the things that we enjoyed the most when we were living there and one of the things I missed the very most. It's such a great escape. Enjoy those passes. Just a head's up! For like $20-$30 a ticket, you probably can upgrade and get Disney Quest passes as well. Now that is AWESOME! Talk about a fun datenight. And the kids would love it too! It's sooo worth it.

BabyWise was great for me, but not with every kid. The book I just finished has A LOT of practical advise and things to do immediately to make a change. Today was a MUCH BETTER day with the kids. They responded very well.