Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy Beyond Words

I'm sorry to be so boring this week with my blog posts. But I'm so busy. Next week is VBS and I'm the coordinator. And my husband is the children's pastor. Need I say more? I've dealt with much conflict this week. Mostly from old people. And criticism. Mostly from old people. And junk. Mostly from old people. And have handled it quite well I do believe. But I don't ever want to be that old person. Someone shoot me if I become THAT old person. Who complains. And criticizes. And asks for too much from others. I mean, don't get me wrong. I like old people. NICE old people! Who don't ask for much. Who don't complain. And don't criticize.

I'm on pins and needles tonight because I heard about some armed robberies in the neighborhood right next to ours, also a gated community. Which you'd think makes things safer, but I guess not. And they happened in broad daylight. I know fear is not of God, and He did not bring us here to harm us, and I just have to remember that His hedge of protection is around us day and night because we are living in obedience to Him. But even though I say it out loud, that uneasy feeling does not go away.

Oh and remember my $5.99 steel armor sunscreen? Well, I have an unexplainable rash all over both arms and legs, which started Saturday night, the day I used the sunscreen. Hmmmm... Like I always tell my husband who still thinks the $1.99 detergent is just as good as Tide (yeah right)... "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!"


kristi said...

Have you told the Old People they are welcome to do the job if they continue to complain? Just kidding, I know you want to.

I always worry, too -- when the hubby is out of town & I turn the alarm on.

Nickel Mom said...

You got it girl. Hang in there with those old people. Just smile and act like you're considering their opinion! :o)
What neighborhood do you live in?? I hope it's not right across from mine and MINE is the one having the break-ins!! I have the same fears of people breaking in...did you read my "quirks" on my blog? ugh!

tales_from_the_crib said...

they told everyones the wronged informations about our churches music/art/drama camp this year, so it's twiced as longs for halfed as the teachers are all stressified.
yeah, is hards at church when everyones expects so muched for so little...just remember, the kids'll love it no matters how many "Old People" complains.

laytonfamily said...

careful of the robberies! Our across-the-street neighbor's house was broken into at 2:30pm during the week! Thank God his kids hadn't gotten home from school yet! SCARY! Of course I'm paranoid home with the boys and my little dog!

Anonymous said...

We old people have lots of wisdom< you can learn from us. Sorry some are grouches, those people are here to keep you on your toes, just ignore them.

You have the best watch dog around. Anyone would be crazy to come in your house with Candice inside. I think she would eat them up. You are right we cannot live in fear, but the bad guys are out there and we just need to be cautious. I worry about those little girls that are friends with everyone. We need to teach them to run from strangers.

An Old Lady
I'm no Grouch