Monday, June 2, 2008

Did Someone Hide Cryponite In My House???

Okay, seriously, I do wear a red "S" on my chest! I do! Or I did, I should say. My superwoman powers are GONE, dwindled down to nothing! I had such a busy weekend planned with three major work projects on my plate to finish by Sunday, a trip to the Russian Ballet of Orlando with Lexi on Friday night, and a birthday party at Build a Bear on Saturday. I had my weekend planned down to the tee. I had it all written out, cause I'm kind of OCD like that. "I'll do this while Cary does this and then we'll hop in the car and he'll drop me and Lexi off here while he and Ashton will go do that and then we'll meet back up at this time, eat lunch in the car, and then go to the office for 45 minutes to do this and ..." You get the idea. We even rehearsed our responsibilities and agenda on THURSDAY so as to get everything done by Sunday!!! I was feeling very superwomanish...changing a poopy diaper and moving furniture with a 3 yr old on my hip all while haggling a sales price on something for work with a lady in California from my "home office" and dealing with the website guy in Austin on the church webpage. In between all that, I was cooking chicken nuggets, taking the dog for walks, wiping bottoms, and designing a church brochure, while answering, oh, a dozen or so emails per hour, mostly work related and answering the non-stop ringing phone. Then, Friday night, it happened! I didn't see it coming! While Lexi and I were enjoying the Cinderella ballet, there was a rumbly in my tummy, actually it sounded more like a prehistoric predator had trapped its prey in my intestines! And a few hours later, I was shriveled up on the floor, my superwoman cape covered in VOMIT! Okay, not really. But really, I WAS vomiting. And then stuck like glue to the potty for about 12 hours straight! My arms and legs felt like limp spaghetti noodles. My superwoman powers were gone! I couldn't even hold my head up long enough to take a sip of coke. Now that's sick! Cause I love me a good coke! It was at 3 a.m. that I realized while being stuck to the potty like glue that plan B would have to be put into action. From my bed, I beckoned my saint of a husband WHO CLEANED UP AFTER ME AT 2 A.M., he gets a gold star! I informed him of how our schedule would need to go that day and what to do in order to get Lexi to the birthday party. He was already on it! The rest of the day went something like this...superwoman stumbled out of bed and collapsed on floor, was helped up and put on potty, was helped off of potty and put back in bed, superwoman in her cotton mouth, raspy, weak voice begs for sip of ice water, repeat, repeat, repeat...Every now and then, I somehow mangaged to make it over to my computer to finish the brochure for Sunday, which was actually done in stages. I would work until my spaghetti arms could no longer rest on the keyboard. I was truly a pathetic sight! I think it was actually food poisoning, not cryptonite, that got to me. Since Saturday, my superwoman powers have very slowly been restored, although not to complete super human strength just yet. But very soon, I will be back to battling all evil forces that stand in my way...laundry, poop, boogers, poop, dirt (which is different than boogers and is), mildew, poop, hard water stains, pet hair on the carpet, poop, you name evil force will get past me cause I'm SUPERWOMAN!


Texas Aggie in Florida said...
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MommaJen said...

okay - I'm commenting late on the anniversary post...I found you thru Circus of Love...K is a high school friend of mine (Texas!) and I was intrigued by your blog title because I live in Aggieland! I'm a Baylor gal who's husband is a youth minister at FBC CS. I enjoy your blog - it's lighthearted, your kids are close in age to mine, and the ministry life I can relate to!

mom2iande said...

Yikes!!!! May you return to SuperWoman-ness very quickly....I hate it when I am the one that is sick - especially when I have plans to get much done!!!