Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gator Tails and Puppy Dogs

Today we went to a local favorite, The Catfish Place. It's not terribly great, but we have a big ol' whoppin 4 restaurants in town including McDonalds and Burger King so there's not much to choose from. Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little. But really, the restaurant selection is bluh! Cary ordered gator tails (which is on the KIDS MENU if that tells you anything about our crazy redneck town!) He gave Lexi a bite and she actually liked it. She was very impressed with herself for eating a gator. As was I! Then she ate some hush puppies. And she said, "Momma, did I have gators and puppy dogs for lunch?" I didn't quite know where she was coming from on that one, so I was momentarily puzzled. And then it hit me...HUSH PUPPIES....PUPPY DOGS!!! We all had a good laugh and I explained that no, she was not eating dog meat! We are not Chinese.

Speaking of dogs, my dog has been terribly neglected lately. I must go lay on her for a while and kiss her little wet nose. There is nothing like a fur baby!

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kristi (mom2iande) said...

It is funny how kids change the whole meaning of things!