Monday, June 2, 2008

Aggie Championship???

What kind of Aggie am I? I failed to mention some more Aggie pride...the Aggie women's softball team is playing in the College World Series for the championship TONIGHT! It's a best of 3 game series. And guess who they last beat to get there...the Florida sorry gator fans! You can't win em all! Our Aggie men's baseball team is still in it too. They play tonight as well. They're not quite to the championship game yet, but they're still in the tournament! Ranked #10 in the country I believe? Gig'em Ags!!!! WHOOP! Wish I was there to cheer them on but I'll be watching on T.V. tonight!

Oh and 120 hits TODAY and only 6 comments on my anniversary...uh, hello??? Even someone from Turkey??? Speaking of, I had turkey for lunch today. Mmmmm....

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Mel :-) said...

WHOOP! :-)

PS- I had a counter on my blog too, for a year, but took it off b/c I hated knowing that people would stop and look (sometimes the same people over and over!) but not comment! :-o Now in my 3rd year of blogging I don't care so much but I also don't blog as much. I know I am guilty of going and looking at the comments on blogs w/o commenting if I don't have time or just want see what people are saying!! It's all good... ;-)