Thursday, July 12, 2007

Puppies & Princesses

Yesterday morning, Lexi asked me to help her put on her dress up costume. I went to the closet and got out her frilly princess dress. "No, No, Mommy, not that one. I want the puppy dog costume," she corrected me! Seriously? Was all I could think. What girl turns down being a princess for being a puppy? So I put on her puppy costume, which meant Trouble wanted hers too, I mean Ashton wanted hers too. For the next hour, they frollicked around on all fours barking, licking my legs (ICKY) and wagging their tails. Then Lexi said, "Now I want to be a princess mommy." So we all dressed up like princesses and lived happily ever after. The End!


mom2iande said...

Funny - now I know what Ashton looks like in Walmrt (hee hee). So they transformed from Puppies to princesses just like that? WOW! Very Cute!

Rachel said...

Too Funny! What a blessing to be so close in age as they grow up together. (I know, sometimes, not such a blessing too.) Jacob and Emma still love to pretend and play together. But, sisters have something special!

Prayers going out for those passports to arrive!

Anonymous said...

LOVES IT! :) Thanks for having this website Heather. It is my "go to" site whenever I need a smile.