Friday, July 27, 2007

Confessions of a Shallow Mom

Okay, I admit it. I'm brand concious. I know, shocker right? Brands do matter to me, despite the fact that I try not to think that way. And I don't believe God wants us to be that way because after all, in the whole scheme of eternity...WHO CARES??? But I was the ripe old age of 12 when I got my first Gucci watch, 14 when I got my first Gucci purse, then the Dooney & Burke and just recently the recipient of a gift from my mom, a Coach purse. It's only been since I've been married that I've been too dad-gummed poor to keep up with the brand trends. After all, the last purse I bought was $6 at Payless and I spent 15 minutes contemplating whether or not to even spend that. My last pair of sunglasses came from Walmart for $9.99. I was in torment over whether or not to get the $7.99 pair instead because after all I could use that $2 extra dollars on like, I don't know...BREAD! Oh but I do have higher aspirations, ya'll. I do! Oh, I dream of one day wearing those $50 Juicy Couture flip flops with the cute bow and charm that dangles from the toes. I salivate over the new Coach purse that's multi-colored at the top. And my latest obsession...the Chanel sunglasses that call my name from the Sunglass Hut at the mall. "Heather, Heather, you want me, you must have me," they mock! And why is it that I always pick the most expensive things? They are over $500 ya'll. Might as well put on my pajamas cause I must be dreamin if I think I'll ever own them. Tonight, a friend and I were browsing through a sunglass store at the mall and saw a 50% off sign. I found THE PERFECT pair of glasses, made me plum giddy. They had this chrome cross on the sides and I just knew they would be coming home with me and I really felt I could love them more than the Chanel ones that I will never be able to afford. So I asked the sales person to look up the price for me thinking they might be like under $20 bucks...are you ready for this...are you sitting down...OVER $900!!!!! The brand was "Chrome Hearts" and apparently it's all the celebrity rage...who knew! Oh well, at least I have good taste right? In the words of the Latino driver in San Antonio with these very large graffiti style words on the back of his low rider truck that was glowing neon green from underneath, "It's only just a dreams." Yes, it's only just a dreams my friends.


mom2iande said...

i found some of my favorite sunglasses at ann taylor loft outlet on sale for a very good price!

The Phams said...

I read this to John. He says, "Heather, I totally get the $2 on sunglasses or bread! At least you have good taste."

Go Gators!

Anonymous said...

conscious, not concious