Thursday, July 12, 2007

First Crush

Okay so my four year old has her first crush on a boy. Is that scary or what? Did I mention that she's FOUR??? His name is Adam and he's NOT four, more like FOURTEEN! Everything is "Adam this and Adam that, Adam, Adam, Adam..." He goes to our church and he is a cute boy, VERY well liked by all the young girls. Girlfriend has her some competition! So finally the other day I asked her to PLEASE stop talking about Adam because I've had my fill ya'll! So here's what she does. The girl is resourceful - "Mommy, what's that boy's name who threw the frisbee up on the roof?" "ADAM, his name is ADAM!" ...10 minutes later... "Mommy, what's Brooke's brother's name?" "ADAM, his name is ADAM!" ...10 minutes later... "Callie, (that's her imaginary friend) Mommy said not to say Adam's name any more! Callie, stop talking about Adam right this minute!" So when there's something she's forbidden to talk about, her imaginary friend talks about it instead. The girl's got smarts! Now, what does ADAM think about all of this? He's actually very flattered and very sweet about it all. When we told him he said, "Ah, that's so sweet." Then he walked over and gave her a big hug. And now every time he sees her he says something like, "Lexi, where've you been? I've been looking for you all day" or something really sweet like that. Now I'm left pondering this insanity wondering, IS THIS NORMAL???? Is it okay for our year old to have a crush?!!!?


mom2iande said...

That is too funny. That just cracks me up. I think that is totally normal for her age. At least she's got good taste! I have friends with daughters about the same age that have crush's on boys.

CrownLaidDown said...

I read your comment on BooMama's site and wanted to say a hearty, "Howdy" to you! I hope your new hair-stylist does a wonderful job! I have a friend (also an Aggie) who just moved to Lubbock, TX from Orlando...would you like for me to ask her for a good stylist there?

Well have a wonderful weekend!
Chris and I are Class of '92 and '93 Aggies.
Holly Smith
Monument, CO

Heather said...

YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send a good hair stylist my way! And Gig'Em! Were you by any chance in Aggie Sisters for Christ?