Monday, July 30, 2007

Gator Missionaries

I wanted to give some props (you didn't know I could talk "street" like that did ya?) to some good friends of mine who just left the states LAST WEEK to be missionaries in Lima, Peru. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. I mean, it was hard enough for me to move the the ENTERTAINMENT CAPITOL OF THE WORLD! They are in Costa Rica for a year in Spanish school and will be moving to Lima next August. And I'm gonna brag for a sec...I was the PROUD recipient of a phone call from Jessica yesterday. Uh, Uhm. And yes, I'd like to believe that I am the only friend to get a phone call cause then I'd feel really special. I enjoy reading their blog and she just posted pics of their house in Costa Rica on her blog, so check it out... . I know they would appreciate your prayers daily. I'm sendin' some AGGIE LOVE your way Pham family (cause Aggie love is the BEST)...LOVE YOU JESS!!!!!


mom2iande said...

i went to their blog....amazing the things on their "wishlist". they are simple things here in the state.

The Phams said...

Girl - you are the best. I love reading your blogs because they are HILLARIOUS! So Gig'em - whatever that means. Thanks for the shout out. You are awesome.

And for the record, you and Bev are the only 2 people I have called. Miss ya girlfriend.

Tell that fine husband of yours that there is a cheap vacation waiting for you in beautiful Costa Rica sometime this next year. :)