Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Early Return From Camp

Okay, so all that excitement I had the other day about going to Youth Camp with Cary, IT'S GONE and I'm home (a whole day early!!!) We got to camp yesterday at about 5:30 p.m. just in time for good ol' camp food, remember those days? Hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, green peas, and flat coke! YUM! And after dinner, it happened...I got dumped! Yes, that's right. He dumped me with the kids to fend for myself. Now I do understand that this was technically a "work" trip for him. Although, he had no responsibilities at this camp because 1)He's not the "youth director" and 2)uh, he's not the "youth director"?? Does that make sense? He's the student pastor, birth-12th grade, but there is a paid "youth director" on staff. So he was really just going to love on the kids and support the youth director and basically serve wherever was needed. As was I, or so I thought. Unfortunately I must have been DELUSIONAL to think I could do that with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old on my hip. It was an absolute train wreck in the making so I bailed before the derailment! After 2 hours the girls jumping on the beds, wrestling each other into head locks (which usually resulted in Ashton getting thrown off the bed), getting hit by a shoe (intentionally), and being laughed at while administering more than one spanking, I HAD MY FILL people, just 5 hours after arriving. So I packed my bags, loaded up the car, strapped in the wild Indians (yes I know that's not a politically correct term but get over it), and headed off into the night. I got 10 minutes down the road when I realized I didn't even leave Cary a note. After visions of hearing my name on the news as "missing" and a search party circling over head, I turned around to go back to leave him a note and that's when I got busted. He made me stay the night since it was, after all, 11:00 p.m. and I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me. So I "slept" in a chair b/c a bed of nails would have been more cozy than that mattress and I got up early this morning to drive home. And after 12 hours of being the mean, grumpy mommy monster I thought I'd better make up for all that insanity since my children will one day decide which nursing home I will live in. So I did the sensible thing...I took 'em to DISNEYWORLD! All is well in the world now. The natives are in their wigwams dreaming of mickey, minnie, and friends.


mom2iande said...

ok - first, this cracks me up. second, my children have been wild animals this week as well. nice to hear someone else's are wild indians, too. whenever one of ours does something, the other one joins in whether they should or not...even knowing they should or not.

i bet you are glad to be at home sweet home, again. ahhhhh....disneyworld. i soooo wish we lived that close...that be worth a bad camp trip jsut to go to disney afterwards.

David Campbell said...

Seriously, you are one of the funniest persons I know. Thanks for the laugh!
Truly, I am sorry about that nonsense of a Camp trip. Camp is sooo not about bad memories! I can totally understand you dreaming it was going to be a "certain" way...without the reality of camp-life with two little ones that are running around calling you mommy. Maybe when the girls are older? I am glad that our sovereign God placed you so close to DisneyWorld!He knew that place would be a blessing!
Good Night Friend!

The Phams said...

Too funny! I totally understand! Thank God for Mickey Mouse. You can go from total chaos, to total joy once you step foot on Disney property! :)