Saturday, July 21, 2007

Honduras Report

Okay, so no pictures yet. But they're coming soon. Cary's pictures didn't turn out, some aren't even visible. He used one of those kodak disposable cameras. But as soon as I have pics, I will post them. I know this is a long post, but read if you're intested and if not, you can see the pics soon. Here's all the exciting info I've gotten out of him so far...

1. This was a level 1 mission trip, with level 3 being like hard core, so this was like easy shmeezy, fun stuff. They stayed in a resort up in the mountains about 20 minutes from the capital city. He said the resort was beautiful and felt very homey. It wasn't like an American "resort" but still nice and comfortable. They changed his sheets and comforter every day. I don't know why that was blog worthy information, but it just was. I'm a princess, what can I say! They ate like kings and queens and he said the food was AWESOME and very Americanized.

2. Our church sent 7 and another church sent 10, so along with translators and directors there were approx 27 in the group. And as a group, they lead about 300 people to Christ during that week...AMAZING!!!!

3. They worked at feeding kitchens, and did gospel presentations at schools (like that would ever happen in America), went to a drug/alcohol rehab facility, Cary preached at a church, and did lots of door to door street evangelism in the villages.

4. He said it wasn't "life changing" but it was definitely refreshing and a time of renewal. Working in full time ministry can definitely become more of a job and less of a spiritual act. It's really easy to become detached and numb at times to the spiritual aspect of this vocation as you take care of the details and daily work aspect. So this was a great time of retreat for him just to focus on the Lord and get his heart refocused. We all need that from time to time!!!!

5. One of the ladies that went on the trip told me this story because Cary would never brag about himself. When they went to the drug/alcohol rehab facility, they just thought they were going to hand out clothes and maybe pray over the people there. When I say facility, I mean keep in mind this isn't an American rehab facility. He said it was pretty bad and a little scary. These people come here as a last resort and hang out in one room that's like half the size of our house as they go through withdrawals. Anyways, as soon as his group walked in, all the men there started pulling up chairs and were sitting ready to "have church". He said they were so hungry for God's word. They needed hope. So the director asked our pastor if he wanted to say anything and he said "no" and he asked the pastor from the other church if he would like to say anything and he said "no" so Cary just chimed in, "I'll do it." And he said he has no clue what came over him, he doesn't even remember what he said, but at the end every hand in the room went up when asked if they wanted to pray to receive Christ. Everyone in his group said it was very much a holy spirit moment and obviously so if Cary doesn't even remember what he said. The lady telling me this story said all evening they kept telling him what an awesome job he did and how his words couldn't have been more perfect or fitting for that situation and he was like "What did I say, I don't even remember!" So obviously the Lord just used his body and his voice as a vessel to communicate to those men. I wish I had been there for that part.

6. Cary said every morning, the roosters would start crowing at 3:00 a.m. and a donkey would start heehawing at like 6. But the funny thing is no one ever saw the donkey. They called him the donkey ghost all week.

7. There was one scary event that happened when they were up in the mountains showing a movie one night. They used a big white sheet hung on the side of a barn to show a movie in a village and at the very end it started raining. The road down the mountain was VERY steep and made of clay so it was extremely slick. He said they all prayed all the way down, even the missionaries that had lived there for like 20 years were a nervous wreck and were freaking out about it.

8. OH, I can't believe I almost forgot this part. There is a law there that says if the brakes and the horn are BOTH out on your car and you can't afford to fix both, you get the horn fixed, not the brakes. Apparently a horn is more important than brakes! Seriously! He said the driving skills left a lot to be desired. They just drove fast and honked all the time.

9. The pastor's wife told me this story when Cary wasn't around. She said he was "phenominal" on this trip. I knew he would be, this is so right up his alley. Anyways, they gave out these transistor radios tuned in to a Christian station and when they would come in to the villages, tons of people would crowd around them. So Cary had like 20 people around the jeep as he was handing out the radios one day and he was sharing the gospel and they all wanted to pray to receive Christ. And at the end of the prayer, Cary just started crying and all the people were looking at him and each other like, "What the heck is wrong with this guy" and Cary said to the translator "They are tears of joy...tears of joy because I know I will see all these people again one day in Heaven." So they translator passed the message along to the people. The pastor's wife said they were all in tears when they left there and it was a very moving experience.

That's all I can think of for now. Pictures to follow soon, I hope!


mom2iande said...

Cann't wait to see pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I cried when I read this! I am so happy that Cary has been given this opportunity. I am also so grateful to you for giving up your Texas to give him it. I love you! Rhonda