Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Camp We Go

Tomorrow, we leave for Youth Camp...YEEEEEHAW! No, I really AM excited, that wasn't a sarcastic yeehaw. Some of my favorite teenager memories were at youth camp. Now the added perk is that we get our very own room just for our family and conveniently we'll be just 15 minutes from one of my favorite FL west coast beaches. We're staying till Wednesday, so I won't make another post till Thursday. Ya'll have a great week. Did I mention that we'll be just 15 min from the most AWESOME, white sand, crystal clear water, beach in FL? I'm just a smidgin excited about that part, can you tell?

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mom2iande said...

Have fun - I can tell you are REALLY hating living in Florida!!! Between the beaches and Disney, it must be just awful having to live there! Does the church need a part-time registered nurse? Just kidding!