Sunday, July 29, 2007

Look What Grew In My Yard!!!!

No, not the paci! (Although I wish!) That's just there to give you an idea of how big that sucker is! It's a mango...a huge juicy mango. It was YUMMO, we just had mango milkshakes. We have 2 large mango trees on the side of our house, 2 orange trees in the backyard, and a grapefruit tree in the front yard. I'm really lovin' all the fresh produce here. There are lots of produce places locally that have really great deals so I rarely buy produce at the store any more. Gone are the days of spending $1.75/ea for red bell peppers. Now I get them at a local produce stand for about $.60/ea. I'm not really sure why all of this is blogworthy information because LIKE YOU CARE but in 20 years when I look back at my blog pages from 2007, I'm gonna be like "Can you believe red peppers were only $.60/ea?!!!"

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Kids and K9s said...

now that is really cool... don't see that around here (TX) very often... ~ Kim