Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Hair

My hair has been a constant source of discussion on this here blog. There was this recent post. And this one. And this one is one of my all time favorites. And yet, here we go again. I kind of like my hair. Most days. Even if I do live in the humid subtropics. Today I got a hair cut. My hairstylist whom I LOVE LOVE LOVE, she's the cutest thing, I want to be "real friends" but is that wierd to be friends with your hair person, because what if one day you want to find a new hair person, anyways, she fixed my hair a little different today. I really liked it. It was cute and trendy and she worked some magic with the flat iron that I will never be able to reproduce on my own I'm quite sure. But when Lexi got home from school she said, "Mommy, why didn't you fix your hair today?"

My reply went a little like this: "But...I....uh....uh...I, oh nevermind. Sorry, honey, I'll do better tomorrow."

What can I say? You think your hair looks great and then your kids set you straight.


Rhonda C said...

Do you think I could get an appointment with her next week? I need serious hair help. How much does she charge? I am embarrassed to even come down there with my hair looking as it does. It's bad. I got roots, and I mean trailer park trash roots. :) My hair color is out of control- and I need a cut too!

Ashley said...

That is hilarious. She always seems to set you straight.

Do you have a picture from your hair do?? Let us judge just how cute, or non cute, it was yesterday!!

circus of love said...

You can't post that without a picture?!?!?

circus of love said...

THanks for the warning. I will pray against the toddler alien takeover!!!

Nickel Mom said...

I wanna see a picture!!! :) You always have to go by what the kids say.....they are the most honest! :)