Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today is the first day in my Aggie life that I'm going to try not to care about the Aggie game (the game I'm missing that my mom is at and I can't even watch on t.v....boohooo!) Today, if the Aggies can just keep the game within a 40 point loss and put at least one touchdown on the board, I'll consider it an (emotional) victory. God help em!

This morning, Cary was in the girls' room playing "house" and when he came out he said Lexi was the mommy and he was the daddy and Ashton was one of their children (named Amy) and they had 8 other children, some of which were human and some of which were not human. Hmmmm. I told him the non human ones must take after their daddy!

The other night at the dinner table, Ashton took off all her clothes and announced she had to POOP. Yes, we were at home, not at a restaurant. Thank goodness. A few seconds later, Lexi yelled from the bathroom, "CAN SOMEONE PLEASE COME WIPE ME?" I quickly said, "1-2-3-not it!" When Cary got back from that chore and continued with his dinner, I said, "Did you ever think that one day you would be sitting at the dinner table with a naked girl talking about poop and eating all at the same time?" He said, "Nope, but for some reason it seems completely normal." I agreed. Awkwardly.

I must have woken up a thousand times last night, feeling the need to snuggle up to my honey while that t.v. song, "You're my best friend" played over and over and over in my mind. I can't for the life of me remember what show or commercial that song is from and that's the one and only line from the song I know...You're my best friend. Poor guy.

Good has been reported from Seguin, Texas that my children now have a halloween costume! Yes! Western outfits...Red Suade cowgirl outfits. I can't wait to see them all dressed up!

Well, I'm going to continue cleaning house and pretend not to care that my Aggies kick off in 25 minutes. And I'm also going to pretend not to care that ESPN's College Gameday show was in Austin today and the people in the crowd were wearing long sleeves and sweatshirts while my kids are playing outside in their swimsuits. Happy Fall huh?


Rhonda C said...

I got Sebastian's fireman outfit last night at the super scary halloween store. I really worried about even letting him go in a place like that, I mean, it kinda makes my stomach turn. He thought it was all HILARIOUS. There was this crazy looking clown head thing that he kept playing with and laughing at. I hope that shows that he is too young and loved to let all that evil stuff affect him, and that it does not mean that he is demented in some way. Oh well, what matters is that he is going to be a happy little fireman this halloween, and that is what he chose for himself, which should make it all the more special. Love you!

Rhonda C said...

Oh, and I can't wait to see pictures of my cowgirls.

Rhonda C said...
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