Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Farm Livin Is the Life for Me...NOT

Ashton and I went on a school field trip today to Green Meadows Farms in Kissimmee. It was fun, dirty, but fun. Farms are dirty. I know. I don't really like dirt so much. Or salmonella bacteria. I caught a duck with my own 2 hands. Yup. I sure did. Took a picture of it too cause I knew no one would believe me! How does one catch a duck, you might ask? Very carefully. There were about 30 ducks in a pen. And there were about 15 children and parents lined up along the fence inside the pen. On the count of three, we all started walking very slowly towards the ducks. And all the ducks took off in the opposite direction until they were finally all cornered along the fence. And then I just scooped one up from behind. You have to put your hands over their wings and then you tuck it under your arms like a football. See, I'm a duck holdin' expert already!

She was awfully proud of her pumpkin and YES, that's a swimsuit she's wearing. Not a day goes by that Ashton doesn't put on her swimsuit! She would LIVE in her swimsuit if we would let her. This was on our way to pick up Lexi from school. She wanted to take her pumpkin with her everywhere.


Ashton's sweet little class and her teacher, Ms. Michele.

Okay, THIS is a REAL water buffalo! I didn't know there was such a thing. I just thought it was some make believe creature in a veggie tale's song! But what do ya know! His name is Elmer.


Rhonda C said...

Those are some of the cutest pictures of Ashton! I love the bathing suit/pumpkin picture. She is so sweet and funny! It sure does look like you guys had fun, even if it isn't your "thing".

The Mitchells said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't believe you caught the duck!! Cracking up at Ashton and her swimsuit with a pumpkin....only in FL, right?