Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip to the Dentist & Fall Festival

Yesterday was a very busy day. After the girls were both off to school, I helped Cary by running some last minute Fall Festival errands for him. Then after picking the girls up from school, they both had their 2nd dentist appointment. It went MUCH better than the first trip! They both practically RAN in the door and were fighting over who was going to go first. WOW! What a difference 6 months makes! We went to our family dentist in town, Dr. Colbern (if anyone is looking for a new dentist...he's wonderful!) Lexi does have her first cavity unfortunately. Daddy has a mouth full of lead. I hope she's not going to follow in his footsteps. I didn't have my first cavity until a year ago! But I was part of that "coat your teeth in flouride gell every night before going to bed" generation, before they knew that too much flouride was bad for you! But both girls did great. No one was the least bit frightened. Such big girls these days! After our dentist appt, we came home and transformed ourselves into some dern cute lil Texas cowgirls for the Fall Festival. The turnout was wonderful and it was such a fun event. The food was DEEEEELISH!

Here are some pics from our busy day!
Pumpkin painting!
Daddy was Indiana Jones. And my costume...I went as Mother of Cowgirls and Wife of Indian Jones!

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Rachel said...

Pretty dern cute! I hope they didn't get any of that Sharpie on the cute costumes!! :) Did you see Emma's costume on facebook? I will probably put more on the blog after Halloween. :)