Friday, August 22, 2008


That's how I'm feeling. Bluh! This weather!!! Fay Fay go away! The tropical storm that never ends. Not even a peak, not a hint, of sunshine since Sunday! I've had my fill. At least the rain slowed down a bit today. My yard looks like a jungle. My phone lines are so soggy from all the rain, that they barely work half the time, there's so much static on the lines from the water, the caller ID hasn't worked in 3 days, and my kids are going stir crazy! I asked Cary if we could organize a state wide campaign to have everyone walk outside, look up and face East and just blow as hard as you can blow. Then maybe the storm would actually MOVE east rather than just sitting still! He said it would take way more than the population of Florida to make it move. Shucks. It was worth a thought. Bluh!

The carpool line is STILL an hour long each day. My only complaint so far about this school. Even in the mornings just to drop her off takes 30 minutes from the time we leave the driveway until she gets out of the car, and the school is only a mile or less down the road! I can drive there in 2 minutes! Bluh! At least the principal makes us smile each morning in his mickey mouse ears and big white Mickey glove as he's out there directing traffic in the rain!

I got my hair done today. Which means two words...People Magazine! That's the only time I ever read that magazine and today there were three very sad stories in it...Bernie Mac (his wife of 30 years made me get all teary), Steven Curtis Chapman and family talking about the death of their little girl, and Elizabeth Edwards and her lyin, cheatin husband. But the part that made me the most sad in that story was her incurable cancer and the young children she will leave behind. What a hard life that lady has had! I love her!!! And I'm not even a democrat!!! So after reading all three stories, I felt even more Bluh! At least my hair looks good.

And right now I'm thinking about the enormous pile of laundry I must tackle this weekend, as well as the mess in my house which has been neglected this week as I've tried to go into work when the girls are in school. So knowing that my weekend involves nothing but work and eating cheap food and not leaving the house as to make our gasoline go farther makes me feel Bluh! I think I'll just go look in the mirror at my hair some more. It makes me happy.


laytonfamily said...

I just laughed OUT LOUD! I wish my hair would make me happy, have never had a cut I liked!

When you wrote PEOPLE MAGAZINE I thought you meant you were ready for your close up! ;p

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

The ironic thing is that my husband without even having read this blog entry just said at the dinner table, while I was moaning and complaining about my to-do list said, "At least your hair looks nice. It's like PERFECT."

See? It's all about the hair!

circus of love said...

Your hair is always PERFECT, Girl!!! I need to schedule more highlights before my gal gets married in a few weeks. I don't know if I can wait until after her honeymoon. So...picture of the hair??? Did you take one? I don't know how anyone gets perfect hair in all this rain. See you have got it good! Countin' the days until our girls night out!!!