Monday, October 13, 2008

Got Gas?

This is not about gasoline, the kind you put in your car. Although praise the Lord, the prices are coming down! $3.09/gallon right now! My mom said it's $2.68/gallon in her neck of the woods. Thank you Jesus! Something good has come from this economic crisis! But this post is really about the other kind of gas. You know, CO2, or something like that. I failed Chemistry. No, really.

Today when Lexi got home from school, she announced, "NOW, I can finally POOT!" and she let one rip!

I don't know why that's blog worthy, but I thought it was hillarious! She will not like me for this when she is 16 and comes across this post in our bloggity coffee table book!


Jonatha said...

That is totally hilarious! I'm so glad you chose to share it with bloggity world!

circus of love said...

Too FUNNY!!!

laytonfamily said...

so I'm immature, and just laughed out loud!

Ashley said...

Thata girl, Lexi!!

Stephanie said...

Too funny.
And according to Mr. Bill- the popular Chem tutor at A&M- I think gas is Methane, whatever that symbol is. That's all I remember from good ol' Mr. Bill. How can you forget that subject?

kristi said...


By the way, you excrete 9 Liters, that is right, 9 Liters of nitrogenous gases per day. So, think of a 2 Liter Coke bottle filled with gas and then think 9 Liters of she was just working on her 9 Liters for the day!