Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Home!

Ashton made it with no vomit on the plane! YEA! I kept us both covered in a towel just in case, with a bag closeby to grab if needed! And wet wipes! This was her very first EVER time to throw up! EVER! My mom feels so "honored" to have been the recipient of Ashton's first vomit! (Right!) We have come to the conclusion that her vomit was due to all the butter she ate at dinner last night. I think she ate a bowl o' butter! But what kid doesn't love butter? I didn't know that a large amount of butter could make you so sick, but I guess it is logical. I mean apparently when people know they're going to drink lots of alcohol, they swallow butter to coat their stomaches so that they will throw up the alcohol later so as to not get alcohol poisoning???? Don't ask how I know this. This came from a very reliable source who is a reader of my blog and they know who they are... So I guess butter has a reputation!

So who knew that butter could do such a thing to a person! But now we know! Just say the butter!


Jonatha said...

I'm so glad it isn't just my kids that eat bowls of butter. My 4 year old loves the stuff - especially at Texas Roadhouse or Logans... I'm glad you made it back with no incidents!

Rhonda C said...

hahaha... butter, eh? I guess Seb hasn't discovered that treat. :) I don't eat much of it.

I am so glad that ya'll are home and safe and vomit free! I have been thinking of you!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you made it back all nice and clean. I used to eat butter on tortilla chips at restaurants (So I'm told). When you get a chance, would you please send the pics of the girls from Saturday? I am quite sure your pics were better then the 2 I got on my phone. Thanks!