Sunday, September 21, 2008

Donuts, Glorioius Donuts!

This morning I got up and had donuts. Not just any donuts. Shipley's Donuts. THE donuts! Donuts the way donuts were meant to be made. None of that Krispy Kreme Krap! I don't care for Krispy Kreme. Can you tell? Is it just me? Never heard of Krispy Kreme till I went to Alabama once to see Cary when we were dating. I had me a Krispy Kreme and all I could think was, "that just ain't right." I think perhaps it is a crime in the southeastern U.S. to NOT like Krispy Kreme.

But after I had a donut, or should I say donuts, plural, I did something I haven't done since before I had children. I WENT BACK TO BED and read a book for a while until I fell asleep. Yep. That's right...a nap before 10 a.m. And donuts, glorious donuts. I guess you could call this a real day of rest.

And for the record, my children are not from my brood. They had donut holes and a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles sitting in front of them and you know what they wanted? Cheerios, grapes, eggs, and applesauce! That's what they had for breakfast. Can you believe that? No thanks, I'll have a donut...or three.


Jonatha said...

You are absolutely correct - it is a crime to not like Krispy Kreme. I have lost all respect for you. ;) Especially since you shared what a blessed morning you had - that was just mean to tell us!

Lisa said...

yum! Shipley's is the best! Hope you had fun at the game... even though we didn't have the best outcome. An Aggie game is always fun!