Monday, September 15, 2008

Taste of Success

Lexi got in the car this afternoon with a pretty pink pencil and said, "Mommy, Mommy, look what my teacher gave me?" She was so proud of her new pencil. She said her teacher gave it to her because she knew ALL of her letters today, both lowercase and uppercase (which we've been working on diligently every night!) She said she was the only person to get one because she knew her letters better than anyone else. Now I'm sure there's some exaggeration to that story somewhere, but all that matters is that it definitely motivated her to keep studying because she could hardly wait to get home this afternoon and get started on her homework, which has been like pulling teeth to get her to do! She said, "Now I know why you were making me study so hard Mommy!" She came home and sharpened her new pencil and got right to work on her homework. YEA!!!! I'm so proud of her! She said all of her nursery rhymes today too (in preparation for Humpty Dumpty Day) and knew three new site words and actually read 2 books to me perfectly that her teacher sent home for her to practice with. Granted there are like 3 words per page. But that's beginner reading! She's come a LONG way in 4 short weeks of school. Did I mention how proud I am????

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