Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lone Star State...Here I Come

5 more days!!!! Not that I'm counting or anything. My mom asked me yesterday, "So what do you want to do while you're in town?" "Uh...EAT???" We're going to Pappasito's TWICE, once when I get off the airplane and once before I board the airplane. I'll be eating at Wings N More on game day in Aggieland. I want Double Dave's Pizza Rolls. And how about Luby's on Sunday! The food is one of the best things about Texas. I'm sorry Floridians, when it comes to food, you ain't got nothin on the Lone Star State. Even my husband, who is a totally NON-BIASED Alabamian agrees. Which explains my need for Weight Watchers. I have not been "home" since February. So I'm very eager to board that plane on Friday! The girls are missing school on Friday and Monday for our trip. We're going to the Texas A&M/Miami game on Saturday, which I'm sure will not be pretty but I don't go to Aggieland to see em win. I go for the experience, the environment, which is second to none. Watching all of the hurricane coverage has made me so sad and homesick. I grew up in Houston and called Houston "home" for 26 years. My heart breaks for them all. Even those who don't have major damage do have damage that is not claimable on insurance and will cost them lots of money to repair, causing financial hardships. But I think it's pretty impressive to be on the gulf and go 25 years without a hurricane. So for that, I guess they can be thankful.

Cary met an Aggie family on the plane coming from Houston to Orlando on Thursday. It was a grandfather, a father, and 2 little boys. The father had on an A&M hat. Cary asked the 2 boys if they knew the Aggie War Hymn and the father just hung his head in shame. The grandfather spoke up and looked at his son and said, "When you were their age, you knew every word by heart. Your boys still don't know the War Hymn? Now that's just bad parentin' right there." I agree. The Aggie War Hymn is ranked right up there with Jesus Loves Me in this house!


circus of love said...

You get to go to Texas to see your team!! Yippee!!! We are going to Boston to see UCF this weekend too. It will be around 70 on game day. SO FUN!!!

laytonfamily said...

have a wonderful time ... eating! haha - what fun it is to go home!